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AAFM GLO_CWM_LVL_1 Exam Syllabus


Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM) Global Examination

Total Questions: 1057

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AAFM GLO_CWM_LVL_1 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM) Global Examination
Exam Code GLO_CWM_LVL_1
Official Information https://www.aafmindia.co.in/CWMCertification/CharteredWealthManagerCurriculum.aspx
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AAFM GLO_CWM_LVL_1 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
Unit 1 - Concept of Wealth Management This unit would serve as stepping stone for a prospective investment professional in the basic understanding of the Wealth Management concept. The unit would cover the Wealth Management Process, Client Interaction Process, Time Value of Money Applications, Personal Financial Statements, and Cash Flow Management. The unit would further focus on dynamics of Wealth Management Industry especially in the context of global space. The last part of the unit would help the wealth manager in knowing the future of the Wealth Management Industry in India.
Unit 2 - Indian and Global Financial System For a professional like a Wealth Manager or Investment Advisor an understanding of Financial Markets and systems is of prime importance. This unit would enable the Wealth Managementprofessional get a basic understanding of the Global and Indian Financial System. This unitwould also cover the fundamental aspects of financial markets operating across the globe. Theunit would enable the investment professional in acquainting with the history and originationof the International Financial Markets, Global Financial Institutions, regulatory institutions, Monetary and Economic System. The objective of the unit is to enable a wealth manager to predict the change in Client’s Investment Portfolio as per the changes in the Economic Environment.
Unit 3 - Investment Vehicles In Wealth Management The unit would focus on making an investment professional understand the concepts of return for an asset in general and portfolio in particular. The wealth manager would be able to understand and calculate the different return measures which are helpful for assessing the performance of various asset classes like Equity and Mutual Funds. Overall the endeavor of the unit would be to harness the skills of the investment professional with regard to understanding investor’s ability to take risk and willingness to take risk and identify optimal portfolio allocation considering the client’s risk taking abilities and financial goals.
Unit 4 - Measuring Investment Risk and Returns This unit would enable the wealth manager understand the knowledge requirements relating to risk analysis in detail. It introduces the investment professional to risk analysis and insurance decisions in Protection Planning in a Wealth Management Plan. The wealth professional would use the facets of Wealth Planning for clients’ with regard to exposures to risks mortality, health, disability, property, liability, and long term care. A Wealth Manager would then be in a much better capacity to protect the client against these exposures.
Unit 5 - Concept of Insurance and Risk Management The unit would focus on the plethora of investment ideas i.e. products which a wealth manager could to his clients in order to build the portfolio .The unit would encompass the concept, structure, returns measurement (income and/or capital gains), tradability, liquidity and legal issues of the major investment vehicles.
Unit 6 - Role of Wealth Management in Banking A wealth manager would be not be thorough in wealth management unless he understands Banking and its working. The focus of this unit is just that. The wealth manager would be able to gain an in depth understanding of the banking industry, its processes and its products currently prevailing in the Indian Market in this unit.
Unit 7 - Legalities in Wealth Management Legal rules and regulations governing every industry, wealth management business is no different especially considering the function of managing money the wealth management business does. This unit would highlight some of the most important statutes and regulations affecting businesses, families, and individuals which a wealth manager should be aware of in his role of managing and accumulating wealth.
Unit 8 - Tax Laws For Wealth Management The performance of every investment decision is evaluated as per the Post Tax Returns of the portfolio. So to say the least taxation issues play a very important role in devising a wealth plan for a client (it is one of the investment constraints). This unit enables the students to understand the Tax Structure in India, To compute tax under various heads of income, To gain a deep understanding of the techniques employed for tax planning.
Unit 9 - Life Cycle Management This unit would explain the concept of life cycle management including retirement planning for an investment professional. The wealth manager would gather an in depth knowledge in understanding Life Cycle Issues at the time of devising the Wealth Management Plan for the client. The emphasis is on the process of wealth creation and the reviewing retirement planning strategies for clients.
Unit 10 - Intergenerational Wealth Transfer & Tax Planning In Wealth Management space the concept of Wealth transfer and preservation has gained as much importance as wealth accumulation. Few things are more important to an individual than planning his or her estate. This unit would help the wealth manager in understanding how Estate Planning can guide the client in determining who will receive his wealth at his death, how much of his wealth will go to the government in taxes, and whether his property will pass through a probate estate or through a trust. On completion of this unit the investment professional should be able to give advice on Estate Planning, Trust Planning while taking into account the taxation of the above strategies.

Updates in the AAFM GLO_CWM_LVL_1 Exam Syllabus:

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