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VMware 2V0-62.21 Exam Syllabus

VMware 2V0-62.21 Exam

Professional VMware Workspace ONE 21.X

Total Questions: 94

What is Included in the VMware 2V0-62.21 Exam?

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VMware 2V0-62.21 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Professional VMware Workspace ONE 21.X
Exam Code 2V0-62.21
Actual Exam Duration 130 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 60
Exam Registration Price $250
Official Information https://www.vmware.com/education-services/certification/vcp-dw-exam-21.html
See Expected Questions VMware 2V0-62.21 Expected Questions in Actual Exam
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VMware 2V0-62.21 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
Section 1 – Architectures and Technologies Objective 1.1 - Differentiate and illustrate the differences between physical architecture and logical architecture
Objective 1.2 - Differentiate between cloud computing and on-prem unified endpoint management
Objective 1.3 - Differentiate between endpoint operating systems as well as various manufacturer differences
Objective 1.4 - Describe and define identity and access management concepts
Objective 1.5 - Differentiate between traditional management and modern management
Objective 1.6 - Explain authentication methods (2 factor authentication, Kerberos, Identity Chain, SAML, SAML Transformation, Mobile
SSO, etc.)
Objective 1.7 - Describe security concepts in relation to endpoint management (DMZ, Zero Trust, authentication, authorization, etc.)
Section 2 – VMware Products and Solutions Objective 2.1 - Describe UEM + Access components and sub-components (AirWatch Cloud Connector, Workspace ONE Access Connector,
Workspace ONE Assist, UAG, ENS, AWCM, LTE Connector, VMverify, Intelligent Hub, Drop-ship (Factory) Provisioning, etc.)
    Objective 2.1.1 - Describe AirWatch Cloud Connector features and functions
    Objective 2.1.2 - Describe Workspace ONE Access Connector features and functions
    Objective 2.1.3 - Describe Workspace ONE Assist features and functions
    Objective 2.1.4 - Describe UAG features and functions
    Objective 2.1.5 - Describe ENS features and functions
    Objective 2.1.6 - Describe AWCM features and functions
    Objective 2.1.7 - Describe LTE Connector features and functions
    Objective 2.1.8 - Describe VMverify features and functions
    Objective 2.1.9 - Describe Intelligent Hub features and functions
    Objective 2.1.10 - Describe Drop-ship (Factory) Provisioning) features and functions
Objective 2.2 - Differentiate and match use case for VMware products
Objective 2.3 - Explain VMware best practices when using VMware products
Objective 2.4 - Identify and describe Workspace ONE relevant Disaster Recovery, HA, Scalability (UEM, Access, AirWatch Cloud Connector,
Workspace ONE Access Connector, UAG, etc.)
Objective 2.5 - Explain Workspace ONE Intelligence, dashboard, custom reports, sensors, etc.
Objective 2.6 - Explain Unified Access Gateway Workspace ONE Edge Services
Objective 2.7 - Explain use cases for Workspace ONE SDK
Objective 2.8 - Explain the use case for Windows 10 Modern Management transformation and migration (Workspace ONE Airlift)
Objective 2.9 - Describe desktop management use cases other than Windows
Section 3 –
  •  There are no testable objectives for this section
Section 4 – Installation, Configuration, and Setup Objective 4.1 - Identify infrastructure requirements (minimums, maximums, and recommended sizing requirements, OS version support,
database versions, email infrastructure, directory services, etc.)
Objective 4.2 - Install and configure Workspace ONE components
    Objective 4.2.1 - Install and configure UEM components
        Objective - Configure Android Enterprise
        Objective - Configure Apple device enrollment and purchased content management
        Objective - Configure Certificate Authority Integration
        Objective - Configure Mobile Email Management (PowerShell integration, SEG, G-Suite, Office 365, Microsoft
        Objective - Install and configure ACC
Objective 4.2.2 - Install and configure Access components (connectors, UAG)
Objective 4.2.3 - Configure UAG Edge Services (Tunnel, SEG and Content Gateway)
Objective 4.2.4 - Configure Directory Services (users and groups)
    Objective - Configure and test Active Directory connection
Objective - Import Active Directory users and groups
Objective 4.3 - Configure branding for administrative consoles
Objective 4.4 - Configure Hub services
    Objective 4.4.1 – Configure branding
    Objective 4.4.2 – Configure catalog
    Objective 4.4.3 – Configure people search
    Objective 4.4.4 – Configure notifications
    Objective 4.4.5 – Configure custom tab (homepage)
    Objective 4.4.6 – Configure support tab
    Objective 4.4.7 – Configure templates
    Objective 4.4.8 – Configure new hire welcome
Section 5 -
  • There are no testable objectives for this section
Section 6 – Troubleshooting and Repairing Objective 6.1 - Understand the various logs and their purpose
Objective 6.2 - Detect networking misconfigurations (DNS, NTP, etc.)
Objective 6.3 - Identify endpoint enrollment and management non-connectivity
Objective 6.4 - Identify end-user authentication failures
Objective 6.5 - Use console to resolve device misconfigurations
Section 7 – Administrative and Operational Tasks Objective 7.1 - Configure and manage device profiles for mobile and desktop endpoint OS
Objective 7.2 - Configure and manage certificate authority and certificate templates
Objective 7.3 - Manage Assignment Groups and Organization Groups
Objective 7.4 - Add and manage Accounts (users, admins, groups)
Objective 7.5 - Add, assign, and manage Resources
Objective 7.6 - Add, assign, and manage Content
Objective 7.7 - Configure and manage Email policies
Objective 7.8 - Configure and manage Compliance policies for mobile and desktop endpoints
Objective 7.9 - Perform device management on device endpoints
Objective 7.10 - Add and Manage SaaS, Web Applications on Workspace ONE Access
Objective 7.11 - Configure and manage connectors
Objective 7.12 - Manage UEM reporting
Objective 7.13 - Manage user and admin access on Workspace ONE Access Console
Objective 7.14 - Add and manage conditional access, access policy in Workspace ONE Access Console
Objective 7.15 - Manage authentication methods in Workspace ONE Access
Objective 7.16 - Configure privacy and security controls
Objective 7.17 - Create custom reports (Workspace ONE Intelligence)
Objective 7.18 - Configure and manage API settings
Objective 7.19 - Configure and manage automation, dashboard, and widget

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