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VMware 1V0-81.20 Exam Syllabus

VMware 1V0-81.20 Exam

Associate VMware Security

Total Questions: 55

What is Included in the VMware 1V0-81.20 Exam?

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VMware 1V0-81.20 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Associate VMware Security
Exam Code 1V0-81.20
Official Information https://www.vmware.com/education-services/certification/vcta-security-exam.html
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VMware 1V0-81.20 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
Section 1 – VMware vSphere Architectures and Technologies     Objective 1.1 – Describe the anatomy and attack surfaces of a cyber attack
        Objective 1.1.1 – Describe network based attacks
        Objective 1.1.2 – Describe social engineering based attacks
        Objective 1.1.3 – Describe hardware based attacks
        Objective 1.1.4 – Describe software based attacks

    Objective 1.2 – Identify common vulnerabilities of enterprise systems
    Objective 1.3 – Explain common cyber-attack mitigation strategies
    Objective 1.4 – Explain NSX high level architecture
Section 2 – VMware Products and Solutions     Objective 2.1 – Describe the VMware security vision  
    Objective 2.2 – Explain Zero-Trust User and device access
    Objective 2.3 – Explain Zero-Trust for network security
    Objective 2.4 – Describe Service-Defined Firewall
    Objective 2.5 - Identify physical and virtual requirements for a defense-in-depth security deployment
        Objective 2.5.1 - Identify network security requirements
        Objective 2.5.2 - Identify application security requirements
        Objective 2.5.3 - Identify endpoint security requirements (Audit & Remediation, EDR, NGAV)
    Objective 2.6 - Describe the functionalities of VMware's security vision
        Objective 2.6.1 - Explain the functionality of NSX gateway firewall and distributed firewall
        Objective 2.6.2 - Explain the device posture based on network
        Objective 2.6.3 - Explain the secure tunnel capabilities with Workspace ONE
        Objective 2.6.4 - Explain the endpoint security capabilities of Carbon Black
        Objective 2.6.5 - Explain CloudHealth and its role in multi-cloud security solution  
    Objective 2.7 - Describe the functions of edge firewall, internal firewall, and endpoint protection security mechanisms
    Objective 2.8 - Differentiate between Layer 3 firewalls and Layer 7 firewalls
    Objective 2.9 - Explain how Workspace ONE UEM facilitates endpoint security
    Objective 2.10 - Describe how conditional access and modern authentication enforces security
    Objective 2.11 - Explain how Workspace ONE Intelligence can be used to enforce endpoint security
    Objective 2.12 - List the features of Workspace ONE Intelligence: RIsk Score, CVE patch remediation, User experience, Intelligence SDK
    Objective 2.13 - Differentiate between NGAV and traditional AV
    Objective 2.14 - Describe the benefits and use case for Next Generation Anti-virus
    Objective 2.15 - Describe the benefits and use case for VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR
    Objective 2.16 - Explain the use case for Audit and Remediation
    Objective 2.17 -Describe the different response capabilities in the VMware Carbon Black Cloud
    Objective 2.18 - Differentiate between the types of reputations seen in the VMware Carbon Black Cloud
Section 3 –
  • There are no testable objectives for this section.
Section 4 –
  • There are no testable objectives for this section.
Section 5 –
  • There are no testable objectives for this section.
Section 6 – Administrative and Operational Tasks     Objective 6.1 - Run compliance evaluation in Workspace ONE UEM against enrolled devices
    Objective 6.2 - Examine the security violations for enrolled devices  
    Objective 6.3 - Examine compliance policies in Workspace ONE UEM console  
    Objective 6.4 - Identify the security factors configured in the access policies from Workspace ONE Access console  
    Objective 6.5 - Navigate the Workspace ONE Intelligence portal  
    Objective 6.6 - Interpret the dashboards and widgets in Workspace ONE Intelligence  
    Objective 6.7 - Use endpoint data collected in Workspace ONE Intelligence to investigate security issues
    Objective 6.8 - Navigate the VMware Carbon Black Cloud
    Objective 6.9 - Create watchlists in the VMware Carbon Black Cloud to detect threats
    Objective 6.10 - Identify appropriate searches in the VMware Carbon Black Cloud  
    Objective 6.11 - Investigate an alert and describe appropriate response actions in the VMware Carbon Black Cloud
    Objective 6.12 - Interpret and explain the impact of Rules in the VMware Carbon Black Cloud
    Objective 6.13 - Perform recommended queries in the VMware Carbon Black Cloud
    Objective 6.14 - Describe the different mechanisms to Allow-list applications to meet business requirements
    Objective 6.15 - Perform device activation/enrollment for VMware devices and applications
    Objective 6.16 - Identify preconfigured firewall rules for the NSX Security Tab
    Objective 6.17 - Determine firewall rules action
    Objective 6.18 - Verify validity of firewall rules

Updates in the VMware 1V0-81.20 Exam Syllabus:

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