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SCP SC0-502 Exam

Security Certified Program

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SCP SC0-502 SCP Questions


By now, you are feeling confident that the security of the MegaCorp network is getting under control. You are aware that there are still several critical areas that you must dealwith, and today you are addressing one of those areas. You have been able to take care of the router, firewall, security policy, and intrusion detection, now you are concerned with some of the hosts in the network. Since the organization is not very large, you are the only person working in the IT end of the company. Itwill be up to you to directly work on the systems throughout the network. You make a quick chart of the systems you know should be in the MegaCorp network:

Server0001,, Windows 2000 Server Server0010,, Windows 2000 Server Server0011,, Windows 2000 Server Server0100,, Linux (Red Hat 8.0) User systems,, Windows 2000 Professional The addressing that you recommended months ago is in place, and it follows a distinct logical pattern,you are hoping that no new systems are hidden in the network somewhere. In the company, you have been granted domain administrator rights, and no other user is authorized tohave administrator, root, supervisor, or otherwise privileged level of access. All the Windows systems are to belong to one windows domain called SCNA.edu. Users are no longer allowed to install unauthorized applications, and are all to use the file servers for storage. Although they have the ability to do so, users are not supposed to store any work data on their local systems. The servers are located in a server cabinet that is inside your office, so you decide to start working there. Using your knowledge of MegaCorp select the best solution for hardening the MegaCorp operating systems:}


Things have been running smoothly now at GlobalCorp for the last several weeks. There have been no major attacks, and it seems that the systems in place are performing just as expected. You are putting together some paperwork when you get a call from Orange to meet in the conference room. When you get there, Orange is wrapping up a meeting with the senior Vice President of Sales, whom you say hello to on your way in. "I was just talking with our senior VP here, and we're run into a new issue to discuss," Orange tells you. "Wel Il let you two sort this out. Orange, do let me know when it all ready to go."With that the VPleaves. You sit down across from Orange, who starts, "That was an interesting meeting. It seems that even though I have always said no to the request, we are being pressured to implement a wireless network." "Here?" you ask, "In the executive building?""Yes, right here. The sales team wishes to have the ability to be mobile. Instead of running a full scale roll out I have trimmed the request down to running a test implementation on the second floor. The test run on that floor will be used to determine the type of wireless rollout for the rest of the building, and eventually the rest of the campus. So, here is what we need to do. I need you to create the roll out plan, and bring that plan to me. Il review with you and implement as required." "As always, what is my budget restriction?" you ask. "In this case, security is the top priority. If we are going to run wireless, it has to be as secure as possible, use whatever you need. That being said, your plan has to use existing technologies, we are not going to fund the development of a new protocol or proprietary encryption system right now."You begin your work on this problem by pulling out your own wireless networking gear. You have alaptop that uses an ORiNOCO card, and you have a full directional antenna that you can holdor mount on a small tripod. You take your gear to the lobby of the second floor, and you load up Net Stumbler quickly to run a quick check that there are no access points in your area. The immediate area is clear of any signal, so you take you gear and walk the entiresecond floor, waitingto see if there is any signal, and you find none. With your quick walk through complete, you take your gear back to your office and start working on your plan. Using your knowledge of the GlobalCorp network, select the best solution to the wireless networking rollout problem:}


The network has been receiving quite a lot of inbound traffic, and although you have been given instructions to keep the network open, you want to know what is going on. You havedecided to implement an Intrusion Detection System. You bring this up at the next meeting. "After looking at our current network security, and the network traffic we are dealing with, I recommend that we implement an Intrusion Detection System," you begin. "We don't have any more budget for security equipment, it will have to wait until next year." This is the reply from the CEO that you were anticipating. "I realize that the budget is tight, but this is an important part of setting up security." You continue, "If Icannot properly identify all the network traffic, and have a system in place to respond to it, we might not know about an incident until after our information is found for sale on the open market."As expected, your last comment got the group thinking. What about false alarms?" asks the VP of sales, "I hear those things are always goingoff, and just endup wasting everyone" time.""Tha's a fair concern, but it is my concern. When we mplement the system, I will fine tune it and adjust t until the alarms it generates are ppropriate, and are generated when there is egitimately something to be concerned about.We are concerned with traffic that would indicate anattack; only then will the ystem send me an alert." or a few minutes there was talk back and forth in the room, and hen the CEO responds again to your nquiry, "I agree that this type of thing could be helpful. But, we simply don have any morebudget for it. Since it is a good idea, go aheadand find a way to implement this, but don't spend any oney on it."With this nformation, and your knowledge of MegaCorp, choose the answer that will provide the bestsolution for the IDS needs of MegaCorp:}


You had been taking a short vacation, and when you come into work on Monday morning, Orange is already at your door, waiting to talk to you. "We're got a problem," Orange says, "It seems that the password used by our Vice President of Engineering has been compromised. Over the weekend, we found this account had logged into the network 25 times. The Vice President was not even in the office over the weekend." "Did we get the source of the compromise yet?" "No, but it won't surprise me if it is our new neighbors at MassiveCorp. I need to you to come up with a realistic plan and bring it to me tomorrow afternoon. This problem must be resolved, and like everything else we do not have unlimited funds so keep that in mind." Based on this information, choose the best solution to the password local authentication problem in the Executive building.}


You have now seen to it that all end users and computers in the Testbed office have received their certificates. The administrative staff has been trained on their use and function in the network. The following day, you meet with Orange to discuss the progress. "So far so good," starts Orange, "all the users have their certificates, all the computers have their certificates. I think we are moving forward at a solid pace. We have talked about the ways we will use our certificates, and we need to move towards securing our network traffic." "I agree," you reply, "last week I ran a scheduled scan, and we still have vulnerability in our network traffic. The folks from MassiveCorp would love to have a sniffer running in here, I sure of that." "That exactly the point. We need a system in place that will ensure that our network traffic is not so vulnerable to sniffing. We have to get some protection for our packets. I like you to design the system and then we can review it together." The meeting ends a few minutes later, and you are back in your office working on the design. Choose the best solution for protecting the network traffic in the executive office of the Testbed campus:}

Question: 1 Answer: D
Question: 2 Answer: C
Question: 3 Answer: E
Question: 4 Answer: E
Question: 5 Answer: C

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