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SAP P_C4H340_24 Exam Syllabus

SAP P_C4H340_24 Exam

SAP Certified Development Professional - SAP Commerce Cloud Developer

Total Questions: 80

What is Included in the SAP P_C4H340_24 Exam?

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SAP P_C4H340_24 Exam Overview :

Exam Name SAP Certified Development Professional - SAP Commerce Cloud Developer
Exam Code P_C4H340_24
Actual Exam Duration 180 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 80
Official Information https://training.sap.com/certification/p_c4h340_24-sap-certified-development-professional---sap-commerce-cloud-developer-g/
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SAP P_C4H340_24 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
Platform Basics > 12% Understand the ant build framework; explain the concept of extensions and how to manage them (property files, dependency, etc.); describe the concept of data modeling, items.xml (item type, relation, enumeration, map, etc.) and the type deployment within database; manage security aspects regarding access rights and restrictions; know how to write flexible search query; understand the syntax of impex scripts; identify the features and implementation of service oriented architecture and the service layer, as well as model objects and their handling via modelService.
  •     C4H340 (SAP COMMERCE CLOUD 2105)
  •     Eplore the Technical Essentials
  •     Expand Upon Technical Essentials
  •     Building SAP Commerce
  •     Extension Concept
  •     Type System
  •     ServiceLayer
  •     Users in SAP Commerce Platform
  •     Search Restrictions
  •     Spring Framework in SAP Commerce
  •     Search Mechanisms
  •     Data Management with ImpEx
  •     Impex API
Platform Features > 12% Understand the event framework with special event types; manage cronjobs; identify the features of caching; explain the data conversion and populating process; import data via system setup utility classes; understand the concept of Addons and how to implement addons.
  •     C4H340 (SAP COMMERCE CLOUD 2105)
  •     C4H341 (SAP COMMERCE CLOUD 2105)
  •     Eplore the Technical Essentials
  •     Expand Upon Technical Essentials
  •     Addon Concept
  •     Event System
  •     The Cron Job Service
  •     Cache
  •     Converters and Populators
Commerce > 12% Understand the search and navigation module (Solr configuration, indexing and searching); identify the features of adaptive search module; manage and customize the rule engine based promotion module; Explain the pricing mechanism.
  •     C4H341 (SAP COMMERCE CLOUD 2105)
  •     Search And Navigation Module
  •     Adaptive Search Module
  •     Promotion
  •     Price, Tax, Discount Calculation
  •     Commerce Service Module
Customer Experience > 12% Identify the out-of-the-box CMS item types and the type hierarchy; Implement and manage custom CMS component types and CMS restrictions; Identify the key features of SAP Commerce Cloud, composable storefront (previously known as Spartacus) and the comparison with accelerator storefronts; understand the personalization module and the related data models.
  •     C4H340 (SAP COMMERCE CLOUD 2105)
  •     C4H341 (SAP COMMERCE CLOUD 2105)
  •     Expand Upon Technical Essentials
  •     Smart Edit
  •     WCMS Module
  •     Personalization module
  •     composable storefront
Commerce Cloud and Cloud Portal 8% - 12% Explain the SAP Commerce Cloud Architecture; describe how to configure manifest.json files, how to manage environments, how to connect to the code repository and how to build and deploy your application on Cloud Portal.
  •     C4H340 (SAP COMMERCE CLOUD 2105)
  •     Expand Upon Technical Essentials
  •     Build Manifest Components
  •     Cloud Portal
  •     Best Practice Use
Order Management and Customer Services 8% - 12% Understand the basecommerce module; identify the standard checkout and fulfilment process; manage existing/custom business processes; describe the features of Assisted Service Module and Customer Service Module.
  •     C4H340 (SAP COMMERCE CLOUD 2105)
  •     Expand Upon Technical Essentials
  •     Base Commerce Module
  •     Order Management Services Module
  •     Assisted Service Module
  •     Customer Service Module
  •     Business Process Management
PCM < 8% Understand product and catalog management, media management; identify the different product modeling approaches (basic variants, multi-dimensional variants, classification system, etc.)
  •     C4H340 (SAP COMMERCE CLOUD 2105)
  •     Eplore the Technical Essentials
  •     Product Modelling
  •     Classification
  •     Working with Catalogs
  •     Synchronizing Catalogs
  •     Media
  •     Muiti-dimensional variants
Backoffice Framework < 8% Describe how to create and manage backoffice applications using the Backoffice framework, including widget management, connection configuration, application orchestrator, dynamic forms, etc.
  •     C4H341 (SAP COMMERCE CLOUD 2105)
  •     Explore the Technical Essentials
  •     Backoffice Framework Module
Integration < 8% Explain how to use Integration APIs Module, Webhooks and the Cloud Hot Folders; Recognize the basic features of Intelligent Selling Services
  •     Integration API Module
  •     Cloud Hot Folders
  •     Webhooks
  •     Intelligent Selling Services

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