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Salesforce CRT-403 Exam Topics

Salesforce CRT-403 Exam

Prepare for your Platform App Builder Certification Exam

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What is Included in the Salesforce CRT-403 Exam?

Authentic information about the syllabus is essential to go through the Salesforce CRT-403 exam in the first attempt. Study4Exam provides you with comprehensive information about Salesforce CRT-403 exam topics listed in the official syllabus. You should get this information at the start of your preparation because it helps you make an effective study plan. We have designed this Salesforce Platform APP Builder certification exam preparation guide to give the exam overview, practice questions, practice test, prerequisites, and information about exam topics that help to go through the Salesforce Prepare for your Platform App Builder Certification Exam exam. We recommend you use our preparation material to cover the entire Salesforce CRT-403 exam syllabus. Study4Exam offers 3 formats of Salesforce CRT-403 exam preparation material. Each format provides new practice questions in PDF format, web-based and desktop practice exams to get passing marks in the first attempt.

Salesforce CRT-403 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Prepare for your Platform App Builder Certification Exam
Exam Code CRT-403
Official Information https://trailheadacademy.salesforce.com/classes/crt403-prepare-for-your-platform-app-builder-certification-exam#
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Salesforce CRT-403 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
Salesforce Fundamentals 23% This section of the exam covers the identification of boundaries of declarative customization and the use cases related to programmatic personalization. It also covers using common scenarios for the utilization of the AppExchange and applying attributes and features to limit record and field access. It also covers a specific set of business needs and how to find solutions for them. 
Data Modeling and Management 22% In a given scenario, this section of the exam helps to determine the given data model and explains the capabilities of different relationship types and their implications on user interface and reporting. It also covers ways to choose or change field data types and describes the capabilities of the Schema Builder.  
User Interface 17% This section of the exam covers describing the user interface customizations and how to identify and utilize the capabilities and use cases. It is about using use cases for custom buttons, links, and actions. Candidates are tested in a given scenario for using the declarative option to integrate Lightning components in an application. Moreover, this section explains the role of programmatic customizations.
Business Logic and Process Automation 28% In this section of the course, candidates are tested for their knowledge of demonstrating the use of formula fields to meet stated business needs. It also covers using the capabilities, use cases, and how to benefit from roll-up summary fields. It also covers demonstrating the utilization of validation rules to fulfill the stated business needs. Moreover, it covers the capabilities and use cases for approval procedures as well as finding out tools to fulfil business needs. 
App Deployment 10% In a given buisness scenario, this section of the exam covers canddiates knowledge about suggesting a solution for achieving vital milestones and how to manage the application lifecyle with different types of sandboxes. It tests their knowledge of troubleshooting while utilizing change sets. it also covers defining use cases while handling unmanaged and managed packages.  

Updates in the Salesforce CRT-403 Exam Topics:

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