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Salesforce CRT-251 Exam Topics

Salesforce CRT-251 Exam

Prepare for your Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Exam

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What is Included in the Salesforce CRT-251 Exam?

Authentic information about the syllabus is essential to go through the Salesforce CRT-251 exam in the first attempt. Study4Exam provides you with comprehensive information about Salesforce CRT-251 exam topics listed in the official syllabus. You should get this information at the start of your preparation because it helps you make an effective study plan. We have designed this Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant certification exam preparation guide to give the exam overview, practice questions, practice test, prerequisites, and information about exam topics that help to go through the Salesforce Prepare for your Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Exam exam. We recommend you use our preparation material to cover the entire Salesforce CRT-251 exam syllabus. Study4Exam offers 3 formats of Salesforce CRT-251 exam preparation material. Each format provides new practice questions in PDF format, web-based and desktop practice exams to get passing marks in the first attempt.

Salesforce CRT-251 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Prepare for your Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Exam
Exam Code CRT-251
Official Information https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/academy/classes/crt251-certification-preparation-for-sales-cloud-consultant/
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Salesforce CRT-251 Exam Topics :

Section Objectives
Introduction and Overview The topic of the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant exam begins with introductions to establish participant familiarity. It then proceeds to review exam objectives for clarity and direction. The focus then shifts to following the Sales Cloud Fast Path methodology, emphasizing efficient implementation strategies. Throughout, Salesforce Consultants are encouraged to grasp the value of thorough business analysis in achieving successful Salesforce integration and deployment.
Account and Contact Management In this topic, Salesforce Consultants delve into account and contact management within Salesforce and learn to differentiate between the two entities and their roles. Enterprise Territory Management is explored to understand its significance in organizing and optimizing sales territories. The topic also covers strategies for determining and managing account access.
Campaign and Lead Management This topic of the Salesforce CRT-251 exam focuses on campaign and lead management within Salesforce, starting with understanding campaign influence. Salesforce Consultants explore the campaign lifecycle and the process of converting leads into opportunities. Emphasis is also placed on assessing lead data quality, followed by techniques for generating comprehensive lead reports.
Opportunity Management In the opportunity management topic, Salesforce Consultants delve into planning product schedules to align with customer needs and organizational timelines. The topic covers organizing products, price books, and quotes within Salesforce. Advanced currency management techniques are also explored in this topic.
Forecasting The forecasting topic focuses on leveraging Salesforce tools for accurate sales predictions and reporting. Salesforce Consultants learn to generate collaborative forecasts. Historical trend reporting is emphasized to analyze past data and identify. The topic of the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant also focuses on building custom report types, designing reporting snapshots, and analyzing project success.
Sales Productivity The sales productivity topic covers assessing Salesforce features for efficiency, integrating with Outlook and Gmail for streamlined communication, and navigating the Lightning Sales Console for enhanced user experience. In this topic, Salesforce Consultants also learn about utilizing Salesforce Mobile for on-the-go access, and leveraging Chatter for team collaboration and communication.
Integration and Data Management The integration and data management topic guides participants through essential steps and tools for data migration within Salesforce, addressing challenges of handling large data volumes. It explores various integration options and emphasize the capture of external IDs for streamlined data synchronization. Techniques such as utilizing skinny tables are taught to enhance report performance and optimize data retrieval efficiency.

Updates in the Salesforce CRT-251 Exam Topics:

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