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Free PEGACPSA88V1 Exam Questions - Pegasystems PEGACPSA88V1 Exam

Pegasystems PEGACPSA88V1 Exam

Pegasystems PEGACPSA88V1 Exam - Prepare from Latest, Not Redundant Questions!

Many candidates desire to prepare their Pegasystems PEGACPSA88V1 exam with the help of only updated and relevant study material. But during their research, they usually waste most of their valuable time with information that is either not relevant or outdated. Study4Exam has a fantastic team of subject-matter experts that make sure you always get the most up-to-date preparatory material. Whenever there is a change in the syllabus of the Certified Pega System Architect 8.8 exam, our team of experts updates PEGACPSA88V1 questions and eliminates outdated questions. In this way, we save you money and time.

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Create a schedule that allows you to devote sufficient time each day to studying for the Certified Pega System Architect 8.8 exam. Try to cover the complete syllabus of the Pega Certified System Architect exam. Do a self-assessment of preparation to know your weak spots. Fill these gaps in your preparation with our preparatory material and ace your exam on the first attempt.

Pegasystems PEGACPSA88V1 Questions


You are configuring an external data source using the Integration Designer. You have the

REST, Dev, Stage, and Prod endpoint URLs, and a name for the data source. What other information do you need to configure the external data source?


A library application used by staff creates a book request case when a member wishes toborrow one or more books. As part of the case process, the application shows the staff a readonly list of outstanding past-due books to remind the member to return late books, select the Data page definition for this use case.


You are creating a case type to process job applications for a large corporation. Jobapplications for security positions require a physical assessment in addition to the standard criminal background check. The physical assessment can occur before or after the background check. How do you configure a case type to achieve the required behavior?


You are configuring routing for a customer warranty service request. All warranty

servicerequests are routed to the warranty resolution group except for warranty service requests for betanrelease product that requires review by the vice president of service. How do you configure assignment routing to review warranty service requests?


A door manufacturer offers a finite list of colors on all its doors. As part of the order, customers can select the color of the door. Select the data page definition configuration settings to source a color drop-down list to minimize memory usage.

Object Type ACME-Products-Data-Color or ACME-Products-Work-Color or ACME-Products-Work-ColorFeedback

Edit Mode Readonly Or Editable Or Savable

Scope Thread Or Requestor Or Node

Question: 1 Answer: C
Question: 2 Answer: D
Question: 3 Answer: B
Question: 4 Answer: D
Question: 5 Answer: F

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