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Oracle 1Z0-902 Exam Topics

Oracle 1Z0-902 Exam

Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Implementation Essentials

Total Questions: 60

What is Included in the Oracle 1Z0-902 Exam?

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Oracle 1Z0-902 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Implementation Essentials
Exam Code 1Z0-902
Official Information https://education.oracle.com/oracle-exadata-database-machine-x9m-implementation-essentials/pexam_1Z0-902
See Expected Questions Oracle 1Z0-902 Expected Questions in Actual Exam
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Oracle 1Z0-902 Exam Topics :

Section Objectives
Exadata Database Machine Architecture and Key Capabilities
  • Describe Exadata hardware architecture (2x database server types, 3x storage server types, power distribution, leaf and spine switches)
  • Describe Exadata software architecture and deployment scenarios
  • Describe Exadata Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) and Client network architecture (including multirack architecture, secure fabric)
  • Explain the impact of various diskgroup failure group choices
  • Describe the deployment options of Exadata including Virtualization and Bare Metal
Exadata Database Machine Site and Implementation Planning (OECA&OEDA)
  • Describe the function of Oracle Exadata Configuration Assistant and Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant
  • Design an Exadata Database Machine with Oracle ZFS Storage in a single rack using Oracle Exadata Configuration Assistant
  • Configure Exadata Database virtual deployment using Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant
  • Add additional database server to a physical Exadata Database Machine using Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant
  • Describe physical site requirements and safety best practices for implementing Exadata (site planning, cooling, power)
  • Install and configure Oracle Exadata using Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant
Exadata Database Machine Installation
  • Configure Exadata Database Server SP port (ILOM)
  • Describe the procedure for receiving the rack on site
  • Reconfigure the Exadata Database Machine to use a single power cable
  • Verify the firmware of an Exadata Storage Server
  • Set up Automatic Service Request (ASR) on the Exadata Database Machine
Exadata Database Machine Integration
  • Describe the network integration options of Exadata Database Machine
  • Connect Exadata Database Server in various scenarios, including client and backup networks
Exadata Database Machine Configuration and Administration
  • Create and configure Automatic Storage Management disk groups using Exadata
  • Configure Exadata software and resources using CellCLI or other tools
  • Use the CellCLI, ExaCLI, DCLI and ExaDCLI Exadata administration tools in various situations
  • Create an ACFS Filesystem for use with external tables
  • Back up the Exadata Database Machine and databases on Exadata
  • Enable Flash Cache Write Back
  • Start and restart an Exadata Virtual Machine
Exadata Database Machine Security
  • Configure Exadata security (storage, secure boot, cellwall, AIDE, ASM Scoped Security, Database Scoped Security, FIPS secure filesystem)
  • Implement Access Control for REST API
Exadata Database Machine Troubleshooting
  • Recover Storage Cell from disk failure
  • Use Exadata Software to troubleshoot client network disconnect
Exadata Database Machine Monitoring
  • Describe the monitoring recommendations for Exadata Database Machine database servers
  • Use Cloud Control or DBMCLI to monitor Exadata Database Machine Database Servers
  • Monitor Exadata Storage Server and Network using Command line or Cloud control
  • Describe the Enterprise Manager cloud Control architecture as it specifically applies to Exadata Database Machine
  • Use Enterprise Manager to discover Exadata Database Machine
  • Describe the Auto Service Request (ASR) function and how it relates to Exadata Database Machine
  • Describe Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) and how it relates to Exadata Database Machine
Exadata Database Machine Updates
  • Describe how software is maintained on different Database Machine components
  • Use Exadata Software to deploy an update to an Exadata Database Machine without downtime
  • Use patchmgr to update a single storage server
Exadata Database Maintenance Tasks
  • Power Database Machine on and off
  • Safely shut down a single Exadata Storage Server
  • Replace a damaged physical disk on a cell
  • Replace a damaged flash card on a cell
  • Add additional storage to Exadata Database Servers
  • Use the Exadata Cell Software Rescue Procedure

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