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Oracle 1Z0-435 Exam Topics

Oracle 1Z0-435 Exam

Oracle Business Process Management Suite 12c Essentials

Total Questions: 76

What is Included in the Oracle 1Z0-435 Exam?

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Oracle 1Z0-435 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Oracle Business Process Management Suite 12c Essentials
Exam Code 1Z0-435
Actual Exam Duration 120 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 76
Official Information https://education.oracle.com/oracle-business-process-management-suite-12c-essentials/pexam_1Z0-435
See Expected Questions Oracle 1Z0-435 Expected Questions in Actual Exam
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Oracle 1Z0-435 Exam Topics :

Section Objectives
  •     Explain the product architecture
  •     Describe key product features
  •     Describe the roles in a typical project
  •     Explain the purpose of the supported business architecture models
  •     Describe lifecycle management features
  •     Explain BPM integration points with content management
Process Modeling and Implementation
  •     Explain the ways to start and end processes
  •     Add conditional logic, parallel paths, and loops
  •     Implement event support and exception handling
  •     Use subprocesses
  •     Enable, initiate, and play a process using Process Player
  •     Configure service tasks
  •     Create a guided process
  •     Create business objects and data objects
  •     Invoke a process using call activities
  •     Create a script task
  •     Implement a model
Adaptive Case Management
  •     Compare and contrast adaptive case management and business process management
  •     Create and configure a case
  •     Describe the event model for case management
  •     Promote a BPMN process or a human task to a case activity
  •     Configure a case activity
  •     Describe the role business rules play in adaptive case management
  •     Configure rules for case management
  •     Describe how to configure a case to support content management
  •     Implement stakeholder and tag permissions
  •     Explain the scope and objectives of simulation
  •     Create process simulation models and definitions
  •     Run simulations and analyze results
  •     Describe the round trip simulation capabilities
Business Rules
  •     Explain the architecture of the business rules component
  •     Create an if-then business rule
  •     Create a business rule using a decision table
  •     Test business rules
  •     Explain how rules are used with human workflow
  •     Describe the purpose of verbal rules and business phrases
  •     Design verbal rules and business phrases
Human Workflow
  •     Describe the architecture of the human workflow component
  •     Explain supported human task patterns
  •     Explain expiration and escalation policy options
  •     Create approval groups
  •     Set security and access controls
  •     Utilize human workflow APIs to create a custom workspace
Human Task Forms
  •     Describe how human task definitions use Web Form technology
  •     Create Web Forms using both data-first and form-first approaches
  •     Customize a Web Form using Web Form rules
  •     Describe how human tasks use ADF technology
  •     Identify the key components of ADF
  •     Create ADF Business Components and ADF task flows
  •     Auto-generate an ADF form for a task
  •     Build a custom form using ADF
Process Analytics
  •     Describe process analytics architecture and out-of-the-box metrics support
  •     Describe the purpose and benefits of process analytics
  •     Add business indicators, measurement marks and counters
  •     Enable Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  •     Build and use dashboards
  •     Create BAM alerts
Business Process Workspace
  •     Describe the role and features of Business Process Workspace
  •     Organize work by creating and using views
  •     Delegate and reassign work
  •     Manage and track processes
  •     Manage users and roles
  •     Describe the role and features of Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM)
  •     Describe identity propagation
  •     Attach security policies to end points at design-time and run-time
  •     Use virtualization to support multiple providers
  •     Manage roles and configure organization units
  •     Manage approval groups and use flex fields  
  •     Monitor business processes
  •     Troubleshoot installation and runtime issues
  •     Install for both development and production configurations

Updates in the Oracle 1Z0-435 Exam Topics:

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