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Oracle 1z0-338 Exam Syllabus

Oracle 1z0-338 Exam

Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials

Total Questions: 72

What is Included in the Oracle 1z0-338 Exam?

Authentic information about the syllabus and an effective study guide is essential to go through the Oracle 1z0-338 exam in the first attempt. The study guide of Study4Exam provides you with comprehensive information about the syllabus of the Oracle 1z0-338 exam. You should get this information at the start of your preparation because it helps you make an effective study plan. We have designed this Oracle Oracle Engineered Systems certification exam preparation guide to give the exam overview, practice questions, practice test, prerequisites, and information about exam topics that help to go through the Oracle Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials (2021) exam. We recommend you to the preparation material mentioned in this study guide to cover the entire Oracle 1z0-338 syllabus. Study4Exam offers 3 formats of Oracle 1z0-338 exam preparation material. Each format provides new practice questions in PDF format, web-based and desktop practice exams to get passing marks in the first attempt.

Oracle 1z0-338 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials
Exam Code 1z0-338
Actual Exam Duration 120 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 71
Exam Registration Price $300
Official Information https://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=5001&get_params=p_exam_id:1Z0-338
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Oracle 1z0-338 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
Oracle Database Software
  • Configure and administer a basic database using Oracle features and functions
  • Tune the Oracle database for performance in common use case scenarios
Oracle Exadata Architecture
  • Describe offloading processing
  • Describe the architecture used by Oracle Exadata software
  • Use Smart Flash Cache
  • Enable Flash Cache Write Back
  • Enable Advanced Compression and Hybrid Columnar Compression on Exadata tables
  • Describe storage indexes
  • Describe Oracle recommended configurations for High Availability configurations
  • Enable parallelism for Data Warehouse workloads
  • Describe database and Automatic Storage Management-Scoped Security Cconcepts
  • Describe the Power Distribution Unit
  • Describe memory capabilities of different models
  • Describe the importance and use of In-Memory Fault Tolerance in the Exadata Database Machine
  • Explain the differences between the types of storage servers available on the Exadata Database Machine
Administration and Configuration
  • Compress data using Advanced Compression and Hybrid Columnar Compression
  • Use network configuration options
  • Create and configure Automatic Storage Management disk groups using Exadata
  • Explain the impact of various diskgroup failure group choices
  • Install software onto the Exadata Database Machine
  • Describe various tasks that can be done with the Integrated Lights Out Management (ILOM) console
  • Reconfigure a 1/8th rack into a 1/4 rack
  • Describe network components in Exadata
  • Create a database snapshot on Exadata for testing purposes


Backup and Recovery
  • Create a backup plan for Exadata
  • Implement recovery procedures on different failure scenarios
  • Describe troubleshooting tasks for backup and recovery processes
  • Describe how the Exadata Storage Servers are backed up internally
High Availability
  • Describe Oracle's recommended guidelines for high availability configurations on Exadata
  • Identify failure scenarios and implement recovery procedures
  • Install high availability software onto the Exadata Database Machine
  • Install an Enterprise Manager Exadata Monitoring plug-in
  • Set up an agent, plugin, and Exadata target for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  • Monitor the storage cell using Cell Command Line Interface and Distributed Command Line Interface
  • Describe the purpose and uses for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and Integrated Lights Out Management for a DB machine
  • Use osWatcher and iostat to monitor the Database Machine operating system
  • Use exacli and dbcli to monitor storage cells
Software Maintenance
  • Describe software components
  • Locate patches for Exadata
  • Apply Oracle recommendations to the patching process for Exadata
  • Describe the Oracle Configuration Manager
  • Explain how to perform planned maintenance of the Exadata machine
  • Describe how to use the Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant to create virtual machines on Exadata
Bulk Loading and Migration
  • Use Database File System (DBFS) to perform bulk loading operations
  • Use the ASM Cluster File System (ACFS) to perform bulk data loading operations
  • Configure a Database for staging input data files
  • Use external tables for data loads
  • Describe migration strategies for Exadata
  • Explain Oracle recommendations on how to choose a migration strategy
Resource Management
  • Set up instance caging
  • Manage I/O on Exadata
  • Set up an Automatic Service Request (ASR) on the Database Machine
  • Explain the ASR configuration process
  • Describe implementation requirements for Platinum Support
Exadata in the Cloud
  • Describe the Oracle Exadata Cloud Service provisioning process
  • Configure backup and recovery on the Exadata Cloud Service
  • Administer the Oracle Database on the Exadata Cloud Service
  • Administer the Oracle Database on the Exadata Cloud Machine

Updates in the Oracle 1z0-338 Exam Syllabus:

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