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Microsoft MO-100 Exam Syllabus

Microsoft MO-100 Exam

Microsoft Word (Word and Word 2019)

Total Questions: 35

What is Included in the Microsoft MO-100 Exam?

Authentic information about the syllabus and an effective study guide is essential to go through the Microsoft MO-100 exam in the first attempt. The study guide of Study4Exam provides you with comprehensive information about the syllabus of the Microsoft MO-100 exam. You should get this information at the start of your preparation because it helps you make an effective study plan. We have designed this Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam preparation guide to give the exam overview, practice questions, practice test, prerequisites, and information about exam topics that help to go through the Microsoft Word (Word and Word 2019) (2022) exam. We recommend you to the preparation material mentioned in this study guide to cover the entire Microsoft MO-100 syllabus. Study4Exam offers 3 formats of Microsoft MO-100 exam preparation material. Each format provides new practice questions in PDF format, web-based and desktop practice exams to get passing marks in the first attempt.

Microsoft MO-100 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Microsoft Word (Word and Word 2019)
Exam Code MO-100
Official Information https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-mo-100.aspx
See Expected Questions Microsoft MO-100 Expected Questions in Actual Exam
Take Self-Assessment Use Microsoft MO-100 Practice Test to Assess your preparation - Save Time and Reduce Chances of Failure

Microsoft MO-100 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
Manage documents 20-25% Navigate within documents
  • Search for text
  • Link to locations within documents
  • Move to specific locations and objects in documents
  • Show and hide formatting symbols and hidden text
Format documents
  • Set up document pages
  • Apply style sets
  • Insert and modify headers and footers
  • Configure page background elements
Save and share documents
  • Save documents in alternative file formats
  • Modify basic document properties
  • Modify print settings
  • Share documents electronically
Inspect documents for issues
  • Locate and remove hidden properties and personal information
  • Locate and correct accessibility issues
  • Locate and correct compatibility issues
Insert and format text, paragraphs, and sections 20-25% Insert text and paragraphs
  • Find and replace text
  • Insert symbols and special characters
Format text and paragraphs
  • Apply text effects
  • Apply formatting by using Format Painter
  • Set line and paragraph spacing and indentation
  • Apply built-in styles to text
  • Clear formatting
Create and configure document sections
  • Format text in multiple columns
  • Insert page, section, and column breaks
  • Change page setup options for a section
Manage tables and lists 15-20% Create tables
  • Convert text to tables
  • Convert tables to text
  • Create tables by specifying rows and columns
Modify tables
  • Sort table data
  • Configure cell margins and spacing
  • Merge and split cells
  • Resize tables, rows, and columns
  • Split tables
  • Configure a repeating row header
Create and modify lists
  • Format paragraphs as numbered and bulleted lists
  • Change bullet characters and number formats
  • Define custom bullet characters and number formats
  • Increase and decrease list levels
  • Restart and continue list numbering
  • Set starting number values
Create and manage references 5-10% Create and manage reference elements
  • Insert footnotes and endnotes
  • Modify footnote and endnote properties
  • Create and modify bibliography citation sources
  • Insert citations for bibliographies
Create and manage reference tables
  • Insert tables of contents
  • Customize tables of contents
  • Insert bibliographies
Insert and format graphic elements 15-20% Insert illustrations and text boxes
  • Insert shapes
  • Insert pictures
  • Insert 3D models
  • Insert SmartArt graphics
  • Insert screenshots and screen clippings
  • Insert text boxes
Format illustrations and text boxes
  • Apply artistic effects
  • Apply picture effects and picture styles
  • Remove picture backgrounds
  • Format graphic elements
  • Format SmartArt graphics
  • Format 3D models
Add text to graphic elements
  • Add and modify text in text boxes
  • Add and modify text in shapes
  • Add and modify SmartArt graphic content
Modify graphic elements
  • Position objects
  • Wrap text around objects
  • Add alternative text to objects for accessibility
Manage document collaboration 5-10%
Add and manage comments
  • Add comments
  • Review and reply to comments
  • Resolve comments
  • Delete comments
Manage change tracking
  • Track changes
  • Review tracked changes
  • Accept and reject tracked changes
  • Lock and unlock change tracking

Updates in the Microsoft MO-100 Exam Syllabus:

Microsoft MO-100 exam questions and practice test are the best ways to get fully prepared. Study4exam's trusted preparation material consists of both practice questions and practice test. To pass the actual Microsoft Office Specialist MO-100 exam on the first attempt, you need to put in hard work on these Microsoft MO-100 questions that provide updated information about the entire exam syllabus. Besides studying actual questions, you should take the Microsoft MO-100 practice test for self-assessment and actual exam simulation. Revise actual exam questions and remove your mistakes with the Microsoft Word (Word and Word 2019) MO-100 exam practice test. Online and windows-based formats of the MO-100 exam practice test are available for self-assessment.