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Microsoft AZ-120 Exam Topics

Microsoft AZ-120 Exam

Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads

Total Questions: 228

What is Included in the Microsoft AZ-120 Exam?

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Microsoft AZ-120 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads
Exam Code AZ-120
Actual Exam Duration 120 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 60
Exam Registration Price $165
Official Information https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/az-120
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Microsoft AZ-120 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
Create an inventory of existing SAP landscapes 10-15% - network inventory
- security inventory
- computing inventory
- operations system inventory
- resiliency and availability inventory
- SAP Database Inventory
- SAP Landscape architecture
- SAP workload performance SLA and metrics
- migration considerations
Design a migration strategy 10-15% - certified and support SAP Hana hardware directory
- design criteria for Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) solutions
- databox
- HANA System Replication (HSR)
- Azure Migrate SAP
- backup and restore methods and solutions
- infrastructure optimization for migration
Design a core infrastructure solution in Azure to support SAP workloads 20-25% - network topology requirements
- security requirements
- virtual or bare metal
- compute
- operating system requirements
- supported SAP products/versions
- storage requirements
- proximity placement group
- infrastructure requirements
Design Azure infrastructure services to support SAP workloads 20-25% - backup and restoration requirements
- SLA/High Availability
- data protection (LRS/GRS, Availability Zones)
- compliance
- monitoring
- licensing
- application interfaces
- dependencies
Design a resilient Azure solution to support SAP workloads 20-25% - HA/DR models supported in HANA (N+N, N+M)
- application servers (NetWeaver and XS Advanced)
- SAP Central services
- availability sets
- availability zones
- Disaster Recovery (DR) with paired regions
- Database HA
Automate deployment of Virtual Machines (VMs) 35-40% - Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template
- automated configuration of VM
- scripting with automation tools, including script development, script modification, and deployment dependencies
Implement and manage virtual networking 35-40% - IDS/IPS for Azure
- routing fundamentals
- subnetting strategy
- isolation and segmentation for SAP landscape
Manage access and authentication on Azure 35-40% - custom domains
- Azure AD Identity Protection
- Azure AD join
- conditional access policies
- Role-based access control (RBAC)
- service principal
- just in time access
Implement and manage identities 35-40% - Azure AD Connect
- AD Federation and single sign-on
- LDAP/Kerberos/SSH
- Linux VMs Active Directory domain membership mechanism
- SAP HANA Cloud Platform Identity Authentication (integration with Azure AD)
Monitor SAP workloads on Azure 35-40% - Azure Extension for SAP
- Azure Monitor
- Log Analytics workspaces & metrics
Build & Deploy HA/DR infrastructure for SAP products 35-40% - ASCS/SCS deployments on Linux & Windows (SOFS with S2D, Azure NetApp Files, 3rd Party products that emulate shared storage)
- HA/DR scenarios for SAP HANA
- HA/DR scenarios for AnyDB
- HA for non-NetWeaver Products like SAP Business One, SAP Business Object BI
- Where to use load balances & troubleshooting connectivity
Perform infrastructure validation check 10-15% - Apache JMeter, Spirent Avalanche, Microfocus LoadRunner
- Test implementation for SAP workloads
- Verify network performance and throughput
- Verify storage
- SAP HANA Hardware and Cloud Measurement Tools (HCMT) (HANA)
- Flexible I/O tester (FIO) and DD
Perform operational readiness check 10-15% - backup and restore
- high availability checks
- failover test
- DR test
- print test
Optimize performance 10-15% - test performance and health of SAP workloads on Azure by using ABAPmeter
- storage structure
- SAP workloads on Azure support pre-requisites
- scheduled maintenance for planned outages
- recovery plan for unplanned outages
- SAP application and infrastructure housekeeping (i.e. snapshots on OS volumes)
- bandwidth adjustment for ExpressRoute
- IPtables ExpressRoute Fast Path and ExpressRoute GlobalReach for HANA Large Instances (HLI)
Migrate SAP workloads to Azure 10-15% - migration strategy
- Azure Migrate
- private and public IP addresses, network routes, network interface, subnets, and virtual network
- storage configuration
- source and target environments preparation
- backup and restore of data
- SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) (migration from DB2, Oracle, SAP ASE, to SQL Server in an Azure VM)

Updates in the Microsoft AZ-120 Exam Topics:

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