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Microsoft 98-382 Exam Syllabus

Microsoft 98-382 Exam

Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript

Total Questions: 39

What is Included in the Microsoft 98-382 Exam?

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Microsoft 98-382 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript
Exam Code 98-382
Official Information https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-98-382.aspx
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Microsoft 98-382 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
rogram with JavaScript Operators, Methods, and Keywords 20-25% Complete or debug code that uses assignment and arithmetic operators
  • assignment; increment; decrement; addition; subtraction; division; multiplication; modulus; compound assignment operators
Apply JavaScript best practices
  • comments; indentations; naming conventions; noscript; constants; reserved keywords; debugger keyword; setting breakpoints; console.log
Evaluate the use of inline and external scripts
  • when to use, how to use, and what happens when both are used
Implement exception handling
  • try; catch; finally
Complete and debug code that interacts with the Browser Object Model (BOM)
  • manage state; display dialogs; determine screen size
Program with Variables, Data Types, and Functions () 25-30% Declare and use variables of primitive data types
  •     number; boolean; string; null; undefined; typeof operator; type checking functions; use strict; converting between data types; formatting numbers; string operations; single quote vs double quote (nesting); initialization
Declare and use arrays
  •     single-dimensional arrays; multi-dimensional arrays; iteration; initialization; define an array; sort and search an array; use push, pop, shift, and unshift methods; use the length property; access an array element Complete and debug code that uses objects
  •     properties; methods; instantiation; date object; retrieve date and time parts; localize date format (MM/DD vs DD/MM); add and subtract dates
Complete and debug code that uses built-in Math functions
  •     random; round; abs; floor; ceiling; min; max; pow; sqrt
Complete and debug a function that accepts parameters and returns a value
  •     reusable code; local versus global scope, redefine variables, pass parameters, value versus reference, return values
Implement and Analyze Decisions and Loops 20-25% Evaluate expressions that use logical and comparison operators
  • ==; !=; <, >; <=; >=; !; &&; ||
Complete and debug decision statements
  • if; else if; switch; nested if
Complete and debug loops
  • for; while; do; break; continue
Interact with the Document Object Model 15-20% Identify and construct the Document Object Model (DOM) tree
  • window; document; body; other HTML elements
Identify and handle HTML events
  • onchange; onmouseover; onload; onclick; onmouseout; onkeydown
Complete and debug code that outputs to an HTML document
  • innerHTML; document.write
Complete and debug code that locates, modifies, and adds HTML elements and attributes
  • getElementByld; getElementsByTagName; getElementsByClassName; setAttribute; createElement
Interact with HTML Forms 5-10% Complete and debug code that retrieves input from forms and sets form field values
  • retrieve form values; identify the DOM path; get values from different types of elements; prepopulate values; mask values
Complete and debug code that performs input validation
  • case; string comparisons; Not-A-Number (NaN)
Describe the form submission process
  • onsubmit; post versus get; potential targets for submission

Updates in the Microsoft 98-382 Exam Syllabus:

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