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Microsoft 98-381 Exam Syllabus

Microsoft 98-381 Exam

Introduction to Programming Using Python

Total Questions: 40

What is Included in the Microsoft 98-381 Exam?

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Microsoft 98-381 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Introduction to Programming Using Python
Exam Code 98-381
Official Information https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-98-381.aspx
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Microsoft 98-381 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
Perform Operations using Data Types and Operators 20-25% Evaluate an expression to identify the data type Python will assign to each variable
  • identify str, int, float, and bool data types
Perform data and data type operations
  • convert from one data type to another type; construct data structures; perform indexing and slicing operations
Determine the sequence of execution based on operator precedence
  • assignment; comparison; logical; arithmetic; identity (is); containment (in)
Select the appropriate operatorto achieve the intended result
  • assignment; comparison; logical; arithmetic; identity (is); containment (in)
Control Flow with Decisions and Loops 25-30% Construct and analyze code segments that use branching statements
  • if; elif; else; nested and compound conditional expressions
Construct and analyze code segments that perform iteration
  • while; for; break; continue; pass; nested loops and loops that include compound conditional expressions
Perform Input and Output Operations 20-25% Construct and analyze code segments that perform file input and output operations
  • open; close; read; write; append; check existence; delete; with statement
Construct and analyze code segments that perform console input and output operations
  • read input from console; print formatted text; use of command line arguments
Document and Structure Code 15-20% Document code segments using comments and documentation strings
  • use indentation, white space, comments, and documentation strings; generate documentation by using pydoc
Construct and analyze code segments that include function definitions
  • call signatures; default values; return; def; pass
Perform Troubleshooting and Error Handling 5-10% Analyze, detect, and fix code segments that have errors
  • syntax errors; logic errors;runtime errors
Analyze and construct code segments that handle exceptions
  • try; except; else; finally; raise
Perform Operations Using Modules and Tools Perform basic operations using built-in modules
  • math; datetime; io; sys; os; os.path; random
Solve complex computing problems by using built-in modules
  • math; datetime; random

Updates in the Microsoft 98-381 Exam Syllabus:

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