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Free DP-203 Exam Questions - Microsoft DP-203 Exam

Microsoft DP-203 Exam

Microsoft DP-203 Exam - Prepare from Latest, Not Redundant Questions!

Many candidates desire to prepare their Microsoft DP-203 exam with the help of only updated and relevant study material. But during their research, they usually waste most of their valuable time with information that is either not relevant or outdated. Study4Exam has a fantastic team of subject-matter experts that make sure you always get the most up-to-date preparatory material. Whenever there is a change in the syllabus of the Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure exam, our team of experts updates DP-203 questions and eliminates outdated questions. In this way, we save you money and time.

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Find out what will be covered on the exam and how it will be presented so you can prepare adequately. You can better prepare for the Microsoft DP-203 exam by familiarizing yourself with the types of questions and topics covered on the exam. Don't squander your time studying irrelevant material; instead, focus on what will be on the actual Azure Data Engineer Associate exam.

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Create a schedule that allows you to devote sufficient time each day to studying for the Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure exam. Try to cover the complete syllabus of the Azure Data Engineer Associate exam. Do a self-assessment of preparation to know your weak spots. Fill these gaps in your preparation with our preparatory material and ace your exam on the first attempt.

Microsoft DP-203 Questions


You are creating an Apache Spark job in Azure Databricks that will ingest JSON-formatted data.

You need to convert a nested JSON string into a DataFrame that will contain multiple rows.

Which Spark SQL function should you use?


You have an Azure Data Factory pipeline named Pipeline1!. Pipelinel contains a copy activity that sends data to an Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 account. Pipeline 1 is executed by a schedule trigger.

You change the copy activity sink to a new storage account and merge the changes into the collaboration branch.

After Pipelinel executes, you discover that data is NOT copied to the new storage account.

You need to ensure that the data is copied to the new storage account.

What should you do?


You have an Azure Synapse Analytics dedicated SQL pool named pool1.

You plan to implement a star schema in pool1 and create a new table named DimCustomer by using the following code.


You need to ensure that DimCustomer has the necessary columns to support a Type 2 slowly changing dimension (SCD). Which two columns should you add? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.


You are designing a folder structure for the files m an Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 account. The account has one container that contains three years of data.

You need to recommend a folder structure that meets the following requirements:

* Supports partition elimination for queries by Azure Synapse Analytics serverless SQL pooh

* Supports fast data retrieval for data from the current month

* Simplifies data security management by department

Which folder structure should you recommend?


You have an Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 account that contains two folders named Folder and Folder2.

You use Azure Data Factory to copy multiple files from Folder1 to Folder2.


You receive the following error.

What should you do to resolve the error.

Question: 1 Answer: A
Question: 2 Answer: A
Question: 3 Answer: A, B
Question: 4 Answer: B
Question: 5 Answer: A

Note: If you see any error in these Microsoft Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure questions or answers, get in touch with us via email: support@study4exam.com.

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Sarah 2 days ago
There are so many questions to practice, and only so much time for the cp 203 exam. But it was well worth the effort. My investment of time and money in taking data engineering on microsoft azure simulated examinations paid off handsomely, as evidenced by my 880/1000 score.
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Millie 4 days ago
Thanks to practice test, i was able to pass the data engineering on microsoft azure certification exam with a score of 920/1000.
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Abbey 5 days ago
Because to its accessibility and convenience, dp 203 dumps are extremely popular in germany. They were chosen because they contain a wealth of premium questions and features that will assist you in passing the data engineering on microsoft azure certified certification.
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Ronald 6 days ago
A friend of mine recently passed the exam and he recommended me these practice questions. and yes these questions cover everything to pass the exam.
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Robert 7 days ago
The dp 203 certification exam was a watershed moment in my life that showed me that i was capable of so much more than just sitting in an office and doing routine work. It was possible that my life might come to a halt. But i summoned the confidence to overcome all of the obstacles in my head and press forward, which proved to be quite beneficial. The time i spent studying data engineering on microsoft azure was well spent.
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