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ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level, Automotive Software Tester

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iSQI CTFL-AuT Questions


You are working as a .module tester* (syn. unit tester, component tester) in an automotive project for the development of a control unit for an electric window. During white-box lest design, you come atomic requirements: B1 AND (B2 OR B3). The task for you is to design test cases according to the principle of the modified condition/decision testing (MOOC). You have already designed three test cases:

1) B1 = TRUE, B2 = TRUE, B3 = FALSE

2) B1 = TRUE, B2 = FALSE, B3 = TRUE

3) B1 = FALSE, B2 = TRU, B3 = FALSE

Which of the following test cases is necessary to achieve 100% modified condition/decision coverage?


ISO 26262 recognizes several context factors which influence the selection of testing techniques. Which statement is correct? Please choose the BEST POSSIBLE answer.


Which statement characterizes back-to-back testing?


Which statement regarding requirements-based testing is true?


Your company produces electric windows and corresponding control units. The newest control unit for electric windows has repeatedly been problematic, which you think result from issues In the requirements, in particular, you noticed Bee following requirements in your first review.

Which of the following requirements for the system test violates at least one of the quality criteria of the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148:2011 ?

ID; 12. When the central lock is activated, then all windows are automatically closed.

ID; 37 Given: the ignition q activated. When the button tor a window is pressed down, then the window moves down.

ID; 85: Given: the window moves up. When the window encounters resistance, then the window ttng motor stops.

ID; 142; Given: a door is open When the button for a window is pressed then the message M-85 is sent to the control unit

Question: 1 Answer: A
Question: 2 Answer: B
Question: 3 Answer: C
Question: 4 Answer: D
Question: 5 Answer: D

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