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Free CTAL-TA_Syll2019 Exam Questions - iSQI CTAL-TA_Syll2019 Exam

iSQI CTAL-TA_Syll2019 Exam

ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Analyst (Syllabus 2019)

Total Questions: 80

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iSQI CTAL-TA_Syll2019 Questions


To enhance both the effectiveness and efficiency of the test design phase, the purchase of a test design tool is being considered. Which one of these statements best characterizes a test design tool?


In the recent past, you have learned that test automation just using capture & playback tooling, possibly enhanced with some test programming, has limitations. For the next banking project, that will be run using Agile methods, you want to implement a keyword-driven test automation approach. You have already started to define some high-level test cases for the account transfer user story:

TC 1 transfer 150 from Lars to Ann, verify Ann's balance to be 150

TC 2 transfer 300 from Tim to Ann, verify Ann's balance to be 450

In the context of implementing the keyword-driven test automation approach, which of the following activities should now be conducted by the Test Analyst?


Consider the following user story: As a student, I want to be able to buy a parking pass (priority: high) Acceptance criteria

- The student will not receive the parking pass if the payment is insufficient.

- Only registered students can buy a parking pass.

- The student can only buy one parking pass each month.

Which of the following checklist items would result in finding a defect for the user story?


Supercar is an online vehicle sales website specialising in a single manufacturer's Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and saloons. A vehicle has two key elements, power unit and body style. The manufacturer offers three choices of power unit: petrol, diesel and hybrid. There are 3 mam body styles Saloon, Hatchback and SUV SUVs only come as petrol and diesel options Hybrid is available for Hatchback only. The site will allow an order to be processed if at least one of the chosen vehicle configurations is in stock, otherwise a message will be displayed asking the user to try again later As a Test Analyst you are asked to review the Supercar specification before starting to design the corresponding usability test cases. Which of the comments below should you make?


You are a Test Analyst in the banking domain. You have received the following requirement: "The system shall allow cash advances of at least 200 Euros for all supported credit cards. The following credit cards are supported: American Express, Diners, Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard.

Which one of the findings described below is true regarding this requirement?

Question: 1 Answer: A
Question: 2 Answer: B
Question: 3 Answer: C
Question: 4 Answer: D
Question: 5 Answer: B

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