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HashiCorp Vault-Associate Exam Topics

HashiCorp Vault-Associate Exam

HashiCorp Certified: Vault Associate (002)

Total Questions: 57

What is Included in the HashiCorp Vault-Associate Exam?

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HashiCorp Vault-Associate Exam Overview :

Exam Name HashiCorp Certified: Vault Associate (002)
Exam Code Vault-Associate
Official Information https://www.hashicorp.com/certification/vault-associate
See Expected Questions HashiCorp Vault-Associate Expected Questions in Actual Exam
Take Self-Assessment Use HashiCorp Vault-Associate Practice Test to Assess your preparation - Save Time and Reduce Chances of Failure

HashiCorp Vault-Associate Exam Topics :

Section Objectives
1 Compare authentication methods 1a     Describe authentication methods
1b     Choose an authentication method based on use case
1c     Differentiate human vs. system auth methods
2 Create Vault policies 2a     Illustrate the value of Vault policy
2b     Describe Vault policy syntax: path
2c     Describe Vault policy syntax: capabilities
2d     Craft a Vault policy based on requirements
3 Assess Vault tokens 3a     Describe Vault token
3b     Differentiate between service and batch tokens. Choose one based on use-case
3c     Describe root token uses and lifecycle
3d     Define token accessors
3e     Explain time-to-live
3f     Explain orphaned tokens
3g     Create tokens based on need
4 Manage Vault leases 4a     Explain the purpose of a lease ID
4b     Renew leases
4c     Revoke leases
5 Compare and configure Vault secrets engines 5a     Choose a secret method based on use case
5b     Contrast dynamic secrets vs. static secrets and their use cases
5c     Define transit engine
5d     Define secrets engines
6 Utilize Vault CLI 6a     Authenticate to Vault
6b     Configure authentication methods
6c     Configure Vault policies
6d     Access Vault secrets
6e     Enable Secret engines
6f     Configure environment variables
7 Utilize Vault UI 7a     Authenticate to Vault
7b     Configure authentication methods
7c     Configure Vault policies
7d     Access Vault secrets
7e     Enable Secret engines
8 Be aware of the Vault API 8a     Authenticate to Vault via Curl
8b     Access Vault secrets via Curl
9 Explain Vault architecture 9a     Describe the encryption of data stored by Vault
9b     Describe cluster strategy
9c     Describe storage backends
9d     Describe the Vault agent
9e     Describe secrets caching
9f     Be aware of identities and groups
9g     Describe Shamir secret sharing and unsealing
9h     Be aware of replication
9i     Describe seal/unseal
9j     Explain response wrapping
9k     Explain the value of short-lived, dynamically generated secrets
10 Explain encryption as a service 10a     Configure transit secret engine
10b     Encrypt and decrypt secrets
10c     Rotate the encryption key

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