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Certified Public Finance Officer

Total Questions: 203

What is Included in the GFOA CPFO Exam?

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GFOA CPFO Exam Overview :

Exam Name Certified Public Finance Officer
Exam Code CPFO
Actual Exam Duration 90 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 60
Official Information http://www.gfoa.org/cpfo
See Expected Questions GFOA CPFO Expected Questions in Actual Exam
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GFOA CPFO Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
Accounting and Financial Reporting Accounting
  •     Grant Accounting
  •     GASB Standards
  •     Governmental and Business-type activities
  •     Measurement focus and basis of accounting
  •     Cost Accounting    
  •     Procurement
  •     Audit Standards
  •     Management and Auditor responsibilities
  •     Single audit   
Financial Reporting
  •     Government-wide financial statements
  •     Fund financial statements
  •     Budgetary reporting
  •     Transmittal and MD&A
  •     Sections of a comprehensive annual financial report
  •     PAFR
  •     Communicating Financial Information    
Interpretations and Analysis of Financial Statements
  •     Assessing near-term financial position
  •     Assessing net position
  •     Assessing economic condition
  •     Fund Balance Classification    
Internal Controls
  •     Comprehensive Framework
  •     Audit Committee
  •     Internal Audit
Compensation and Benefits Salary/Compensation
  •     Variables Used to Determine Compensation
  •     Understanding Taxable/Not Taxable Salary and Benefits
  •     Negotiating    
Personnel Procedures
  •     Developing employee compensation and benefits policies
  •     Communicating Benefits to Employees
  •     Federal Fair Labor Standards    
  •     General Cost Allocation
  •     Project and Grant Costing and Allocation
  •     Budget Implications and Payroll    
Pension Plans
  •     Actuarial Reporting
  •     Plan Design
  •     Plan Governance
  •     Pension Investment    
Health Care
  •     Plan Design
  •     COBRA 101    
  •     Actuarial Reporting
  •     Prefunding/Trusts    
Deferred Compensation
  •     Plan Design
  •     Governance/Fiduciary Responsibilities
Debt Management Debt Program
Debt Management Policy
  •     Policies and Procedures
  •     Capital Markets
  •     Bond Authorization
  •     Debt Management Policy
Debt Capacity Analysis
  •     Legal Debt Capacity
  •     Debt Affordability
Bond Sale
Financing Instruments and Techniques
  •     GO Bonds
  •     Revenue Bonds
  •     Short-Term Financings
  •     Bank Loans and Direct Placements
  •     Taxable Debt
  •     Method of Sale
  •     Debt Structures
Financing Team/ External Professional Services
  •     Legal Counsel
  •     Municipal Advisor
  •     Underwriter
  •     Trustees
  •     Rating Agencies
  •     Credit Enhancement
  •     Other
Bond Pricing
  •     How Bonds are Priced
  •     Cost of Issuance
    Sale Execution
Disclosure Responsibilities
  •     Primary Market Disclosure
  •     Continuing Disclosure
  •     Investor Relations Program
Debt Management
  •     Post-Issuance Policies and Procedures
  •     Use of Proceeds
  •     Federal Tax Compliance
  •     Investing Bond Proceeds
  •     Refunding Opportunities
  •     Debt Service Payments
Planning and Budgeting Overall Governance
  •     What is a budget?
  •     Roles and Responsibilities
  •     Legal Requirements    
  •     Overall Budget Policies
  •     Strategic Planning
  •     CIP
  •     Long-Term Planning / Forecasting (Long-Term)    
  •     Revenue Diversification
  •     Taxes / Fees
  •     Grants    
Budget Process   
  •     Approaches to Budget Process
  •     Public Engagement
  •     Priority Setting / Goal Definition
  •     Budget Calendar / Structure
  •     How to Cut the Budget?    
Budget Analysis   
  •     Forecasting (Annual Projections)
  •     Fiscal Impact Analysis / Cost Benefit Analysis
  •     Policy Analysis / Economic Analysis    
Budget Techniques   
  •     Basis of Budgeting (GAAP Accounting vs. Non-GAAP Budget)
  •     Funds (Transfers / Allocations)
  •     Cut-Back Budgeting / Budget Reductions
  •     General Fund vs. Enterprise Fund
  •     Capital Budget / Project Budget
  •     Personnel/Salary Budget    
Budget Monitoring   
  •     Variance Analysis
  •     Budget Projections and Analysis
  •     Performance Management    
  •     Budget Document
  •     Internal Communications
  •     Understanding of Financial Statements and Accounting
  •     Elected Official / Public Communications and Reporting    
Budget Outcomes   
  •     Measuring Outcomes / Accountability
  •     Equity
  •     Transparency
Treasury and Investement Management Investing
  •     Program, Policies and Procedures
  •     Investment Products
  •     Investment Portfolio Strategies
  •     Risk Management
  •     Benchmarking and Reporting    
Treasury Operations   

Payables (15%)
  •     Policies and Procedures
  •     Types of Payables
  •     Payables Processing
Receivables (15%)
  •     Policies and Procedures
  •     Types of Receivables
  •     Receivables Processing
  •     Reconciliation and Reporting
Banking and Merchant Services (10%)
  •     Banking Services
  •     Merchant Services
  •     Selection Process
Fraud Prevention (10%)
  •     Internal
  •     External
Cash Flow Forecasting (10%)
Procurement Public Procurement Function
  •     Value of Strategic Procurement
  •     Competition
  •     Legal Authority
  •     Ethics
  •     Procurement Structure
  •     Link Between Budget Monitoring and Procurement    
Competitive Procurement
  •     Requisition/Purchase Order
  •     Source Selection
  •     RFP/Bid
  •     Cooperative Procurement    
Contract Management
  •     Contract Negotiation
  •     Performance Management    
Supply Chain Management
  •     Vendor Management
  •     Inventory/Supply Chain    
Spend Analysis/Evaluation
  •     Evaluation Team
  •     Bid Analysis
  •     Fiscal Impact/NPV    
Managed Competition/Outsourcing
  •     Privatization
  •     Public Private Partnership
  •     Service Level Agreements    
Specialized Procurement
  •     Construction
  •     Software
  •     Financial Services    
Procurement Policy
  •     Procurement Policy Manual
  •     Social/Community Procurement
Risk Assessment Enterprise Risk Management
  •     Risk Identification
  •     Risk Assessment
  •     Risk Response
  •     Internal Controls (Fraud Prevention)    
Local Government Law and Compliance
  •     Public Information/Records
  •     Tort Liability    
  •     Employment Law    
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
  •     Natural Disaster
  •     Disaster Preparedness
  •     Disaster Response    
  •     Cyber Insurance
  •     Contractor Issuance
  •     Liability Insurance    
Information Technology
  •     Cyber Security
  •     Data Security
  •     Cloud Services

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