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Genesys GE0-807 Exam

Genesys Certified Professional 8 - System Consultant, Outbound Voice

Total Questions: 80

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Genesys GE0-807 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Genesys Certified Professional 8 - System Consultant, Outbound Voice
Exam Code GE0-807
Official Information https://genbin.genesys.com/old/resources/training/certification/ExamStudyGuide-807-SIP8-v1.pdf
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Genesys GE0-807 Exam Topics :

Section Objectives
1. SIP Server Product Overview / General Architecture
  • Overview of IP Technology and SIP
  • Describe VoIP protocols (signaling protocols and media protocols)
  • Describe the main components of a VoIP network as they relate to SIP
  • Describe gateways, soft switches, application servers, and SIP endpoints and describe their role in a voice interaction flow
  • Describe the basics of the SIP protocol and SDP
  • Describe Overview of Genesys IP Products and the role of the Genesys SIP Server
  • Overview of Genesys SIP Solution Components
  • Determine when to use Network SIP Server (primarily for Policy Based Load Distribution)
2. Designing A SIP Server Solution
  • Describe the key features and benefits of the Genesys SIP Server
  • Inbound/Outbound Calls
  • Associate an ACD Queue with a Routing Point
  • No Answer Supervision
  • Endpoint Service Monitoring
  • Call Treatments
  • Call Transfer and Conference
  • Regular and Emergency Call Recording
  • Call Supervision
  • Remote Supervision (including support for Multi-Site Supervision)
  • Music and Announcements
  • Personal Greeting (including Whisper)
  • Preview Interactions
  • Presence Subscription
  • Instant Messaging
  • Remote Server Registration
  • Class of Service (including Trunk capacity configuration)
  • Mapping SIP Headers and SDP Messages (including support for Blocking SIP headers, OPTIONS messages
  • Describe SIP Server Deployment modes:
  • SIP Stand Alone
  • Integrated with a third party softswitch
  • Open standard SIP architecture
  • Describe SIP Deployment Considerations
  • Overall deployment components
  • Licensing
  • Software and hardware requirements
  • Explain Interoperability Conditions
  • HA & Scalability Considerations
  • Sizing
  • SIP Server Scaling and Performance
  • QoS
  • Describe SIP Server Integrations
  • Genesys Voice Platform Integration
  • Outbound Integration
  • Softswitch Integration
  • Video
  • Asterisk Voice Mail Integration
3. Deployment
  • OS Support
  • SIP Server Installation
  • Run Setup Program for SIP Server Installation
  • Start SIP Server
  • Verify SIP Server has started
  • Deploying A Network SIP Server
  • Create new Network SIP Server
  • Configure Routing Point for Network SIP Server
  • Network SIP Server Installation
  • Run Setup Program for Network SIP Server Installation
  • SIP Server as a T-Server
  • SIP Server Configuration
  • Set Permissions
  • Connect SIP Server to Router(s)
  • How to deploy SIP Server
  • Configure SIP endpoints
  • Configure SIP Server Connections
  • Create DNs
  • Create Agents (Logins, Groups, Assign Logins)
  • Configure New Application
  • High Availability Configuration
  • Microsoft NLB configuration and scripting
  • Unix virtual IP configuration and scripting
  • Mapping SIP Headers
  • Authenticating INVITES
  • SIP to T-Lib mapping and T-Lib to SIP Mapping
  • Configuring Call Transfers
  • Call Transfers
  • 1PCC and 3PCC call transfer
  • Configuring Conference Calls
  • Multipoint Conferencing Unit (MCU)
  • 1PCC and 2PCC conference calls
  • Push video
  • Configuring Dialing Services
  • Configuring Auto-Agent
  • Configuring Multi-Site Call Type Tracking
4. Deploying Media Server
  • Genesys Media Server Features
  • Music and Video on Hold
  • Music in Queue
  • DN Types
  • Genesys Media Server Deployment
  • Configuring Genesys Media Server Applications
  • Overview of Supported Codecs
  • Call Treatments
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Conference
  • Call Supervision
  • Call Recording
  • Personal Greetings
  • Overview of Stream Manager
5. Using SIP 8
  • Using A SIP Softphone
  • Registering a softphone in SIP
  • Agent Configuration
  • Associating an ACD Queue with a Routing Point
  • Performing Call Transfers
  • Describe what gcti DNs are used for
  • Describe how Emulated Agents are used
  • Describe how and when to configure Business Call Parameters
  • Describe how to configure After Work Calls
  • Describe when SIP classifies call categories
  • Class of Service
6. Monitoring SIP Server 8 Deployment
  • Call Supervision
  • Session monitoring
  • Call Supervision modes
  • Remote Supervision
  • Multi-site Supervision
  • Recording Configuration
  • Recording DN
  • Emergency recording
  • Trunk site and agent side recording
  • Monitoring SIP Messages
  • Monitor call flow diagrams with SIP messages and TLib messages
  • Reading SIP Logs
  • Using SIP Log Visualizer
  • Reading SIP Log File
  • Maintaining Configuration

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