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Genesys GE0-806 Exam Topics

Genesys GE0-806 Exam

Genesys Certified Professional 8 System Consultant, Genesys Workforce Management (GCP8 - CWFM)

Total Questions: 85

What is Included in the Genesys GE0-806 Exam?

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Genesys GE0-806 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Genesys Certified Professional 8 System Consultant, Genesys Workforce Management (GCP8 - CWFM)
Exam Code GE0-806
Official Information https://genbin.genesys.com/old/resources/training/certification/Exam_Study_Guide_GCP8_CWFM.pdf
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Genesys GE0-806 Exam Topics :

Section Objectives
A. Explain the architecture and functionality of the Genesys Workforce Management System
  • Elements of a Workforce Management System
  • Integration with the CIM Platform
  • Web Architecture Overview
  • WFM Web Clients
  • WFM Servers/Applications
  • WFM Database
B. WFM Installation
  • Using user names and passwords
  • Installing the WFM server
  • Installing/uninstalling WFM applications
C. Initial WFM Configuration
  • Genesys WFM Interfaces
  • Using WFM Configuration Utility
  • Using WFM DB Utility
  • DB Sizing
  • DB Exceptions
  • WFM Integration
D. WFM Configuration Options
  • Set up Organization
  • Create Activities
  • Confirm Skills
  • Setup Security Roles
  • Organization
  • Agent Teams  
  • Create Activities
  • Confirm Skills
  • Configure Activity Statistics
  • Create and Configure Business Unit (BU)
  • Create Workload Forecast for Multi-Site Activity (MSA)
  • Split Volume and Staffing for Multi-Site Activity
E. Configure WFM Policy Options
  • Configure Activity Policies
  • Create Contracts
  • Assign Agents to contracts
  • Create Shifts
  • Assign Shift to Contracts
  • Create Activity Sets
  • Setup Activity Policies
  • Create Contracts
  • Create Contract Profiles
  • Assign Agents to Contracts
  • Create Shifts
  • Assign Shifts to Contracts
F. WFM Scheduling
  • Rotating Patterns
  • Exceptions
  • Marked Time
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Create, edit and delete Web Preferences
  • Review Web Agent navigation
  • Review Agent Preference options
  • Search WFM Calendar
  • Managing Calendar items (modify, approve, decline)
  • Change filter settings for the Calendar views
  • Create a Scenario
  • Define the Scenario elements
  • Build a Schedule
  • Review and edit Scenario Schedule
  • Publishing a Schedule
  • Review Schedule as Agent
  • Use the Commit-Rollback feature
  • Swap Agents Schedule
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Review Schedule Notifications
  • Use the Rebuild Schedule wizard
G. Forecasting
  • Build IV
  • Build AHT
  • Build Staffing
  • Publish Forecast
  • Review Master Forecast
  • Configure in Factors and Events
  • Build a forecast scenario with an event
  • Create a scenario and define the scenario elements.
  • Build Interaction Volume Forecast
  • Universal Engine
  • Expert Average Engine  
  • Build Average Handle Time Forecast
  • Configure in Factors and Events
  • Define a IV Template
  • Define a IV Overlap template
  • Build Staffing Forecast
  • Define Calculated forecast
  • Define Required forecast
  • Modify/ adjust required staffing numbers
  • Publish the Forecast.
  • Open and review master forecast
  • Open and review Historical Volumes
H. Time Off, Trading and Bidding
  • Setting Up Time off Management
  • Setup Time off Types
  • Setup Time off Rules
  • Set up Time off Limits (WFM Web Supervisor)
  • Agents request time off
  • Supervisors Approve / Decline time off
  • Setting Up Trading
  • Create schedule trade proposals as an agent
  • Respond to other agents’ trade proposals
  • Accept or Decline a schedule trade as a Supervisor
  • Set Up Schedule Bidding
  • Create a Bidding scenario
  • Rank schedules
  • Complete the Auto assignment and publish bidding schedule
I. Monitoring WFM
  • Display the list of available reports
  • Create a report
  • Use a Report Viewer to review reports
  • Export a report to a local file
  • Identify fields in the schedule reports
  • Build character list of report categories
  • Display the Performance views for each object
  • Set Alerts
  • Perform “what-if” calculations
  • Set the Detail and Graphical views for Adherence
  • Filter the states to show in the Details View
  • Create new schedule state group
  • Assign schedule elements to a schedule state group
J. WFM Solution Maintenance
  • Maintaining Configuration
  • Observe problems in reporting or statistics
  • Interpret Workforce Manager log files
  • Troubleshooting Configuration to Check for errors
  • Troubleshooting Job failures
  • Identifying errors caused by: database, network issues, schedule conflicts
  • Maintaining Configuration

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