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Genesys GE0-803 Exam Topics

Genesys GE0-803 Exam

Genesys System Consultant, Voice Platform

Total Questions: 122

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Genesys GE0-803 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Genesys System Consultant, Voice Platform
Exam Code GE0-803
Actual Exam Duration 80 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 65
Official Information http://www.genesys.com/resources/training/certification/Exam_Study_Guide_GCP8_CVP.pdf
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Genesys GE0-803 Exam Topics :

Section Objectives
Topic 1: Overview and General Architecture Demonstrate an understanding of the overview of Genesys Voice Platform Version 8 (GVP 8) Technology.
  • Genesys Voice Platform version 8 Product Overview
            o Describe voice self-service
            o Describe the Genesys Voice Platform Solution
  • Genesys Voice Platform Architecture
            o Overview of Genesys Voice Platform Architecture
  • Genesys Management Framework 8, CIM Platform and GVP 8
            o Explain how Genesys Management Framework and the CIM Platform handle interactions for GVP 8
            o Framework 8 and GVP Interfaces
            o Genesys SIP Server as a media interface
            o Genesys SIP Server as the Proxy for GVP
  • Describe the GVP 8 components and functions
            o GVP architecture and required application dependencies
  • GVP components that are integrated with third-party products
  • Optional GVP Integration Options
            o Describe which optional GVP components are needed for different types of integrations
Topic 2: Business and Deployment Planning Demonstrate the ability to take the project from business planning into a more technical/logistical phase. With these skills a consultant could identify specific needs for: solution software, databases, and deployment.
  • Describe key considerations when planning a GVP 8 deployment
          o Overview of voice self-service solution deployments
          o Describe High Availability (HA) options
          o Sizing considerations
          o Capacity and performance planning
  • Explain the features and benefits of using a Genesys Voice Platform Solution
         o Business cases for voice self-service
  • Planning for single and multi-tenant environments
  • Describe GVP 8 hardware and software requirements
  • Using GVP 8 with Framework 8
         o Identify the GVP prerequisites
         o Explain role of Genesys Administrator
         o Explain Metadata
         o Define how to integrate GVP with a network management system through SNMP
Topic 3: Preparing the Environment for GVP Install Demonstrate the understanding of how to prepare the environment for a new GVP 8 installation
  • Identify the recommended steps needed to prepare the environment before installing GVP 8
          o Configure Windows settings on each GVP host
          o Assign GVP host names and IPO addresses
          o Install ASR and TTS servers, if used, prior to GVP installation
          o Create Application Objects
          o Configure dedicated SIP ports in Genesys Administrator
  • Configure the GVP components for a new install
  • Introduction to different GVP integration scenarios
Topic 4: Installation of GVP 8 Components Demonstrate the knowledge of how to perform the recommended steps when installing GVP components
  • Perform recommended installation steps:
          o Install and configure third-party hardware and software for ASR and TTS
          o Configure Windows services and settings
          o Install Framework and Genesys Administrator
          o Add all host objects to Framework configuration
          o Install LCA on all GVP hosts
          o Install and configure Genesys SNMP Master Agents (optional)
          o Install and configure GVP components
  • Install and configure SIP Server
  • Install and configure Composer
  • Verify and test the GVP 8 Installation
         o Use Composer to test and verify a GVP installation
         o Testing Reporting Server
Topic 5: Provisioning GVP 8 Demonstrate an understanding of how to provision a GVP Solution:
  • Provision the GVP core components
          o Fetching Module
          o Create a Solution Object
          o Integrate Application Objects Server
          o Create a connection to a Message Server
  • Creating GVP resources
          o Define the purpose of logical resource groups
          o Provision the resources for the Resource Manager
  • Create and provision IVR Profiles
          o Configure and provision IVR Profiles
          o Map and test an IVR Profile
  • Policy Management
          o Define Dialing and Call Information Rules
          o Create Burst Policies
          o Configure Call Information Rules
  • Overview of how to use Composer to import, run and deploy a voice application
           o Describe functions of Composer
           o Describe how to use Perspectives and Views
  • Configure the Reporting Server
            o Setting up the Reporting Server User Interfaces
            o Configure Reporting Server logging and messages
            o Setting up Reporting Server database
Topic 6: Monitoring a GVP 8 Deployment Demonstrate the ability to identify, diagnose, and validate installation and configuration when deploying a Genesys 8 Voice Platform Solution. Also demonstrate the ability to resolve problems with GVP 8 components in production. This differs from "Installation validation" in that it may show the deeper and/or broader understanding of the Genesys Voice Platform Solution that comes with working with the product six months or more.
  • Describe basic monitoring of GVP components:
           o Using GVP Dashboards
  • Describe GVP 8 Reporting
           o Use GVP reports
           o GVP reporting architecture
           o GVP reporting data and data processing
           o GVP real-time reports
           o GVP historical reports
           o GVP VAR reports
           o Service Quality Reporting
  • Describe the three main points of reporting failure
           o Administrator to Reporting Server failure
           o Reporting Server to DB failure
           o Reporting Client to Server failure
  • Reading GVP logs
           o Explain the EMS logging interface
           o Read and interpret GVP 8 logs

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