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Exin TMSTE Exam Syllabus

Exin TMSTE Exam

TMap Suite Test Engineer

Total Questions: 30

What is Included in the Exin TMSTE Exam?

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Exin TMSTE Exam Overview :

Exam Name TMap Suite Test Engineer
Exam Code TMSTE
Official Information https://www.exin.com/certifications/tmapr-suite-test-engineer-exam
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Exin TMSTE Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
1. Framework and importance of testing 20% 1.1 Structured testing
    The candidate understands the various test terms.
    The candidate can:
        1.1.1 describe testing and evaluation and what testing delivers;
        1.1.2 describe the test concepts and the advantages of a structured test approach;  
        1.1.3 the points of attention for the testing image and the skills that a tester must have
1.2 The TMap Suite
    The candidate understands the elements of the TMap Suite.
    The candidate can:
        1.2.1 describe the TMap NEXT essentials;
        1.2.2 describe the TMap HD elements;
        1.2.3 describe the goal of the Building Blocks;
        1.2.4 describe the importance of Built-in quality in a Quality-driven approach.
2. TMap activities and TMap NEXT phases 45% 2.1 The test management activities
    The candidate understands the Planning, Control and Setting up and maintaining infrastructure phases.
    The candidate can:
        2.1.1 describe the Planning, Control and Setting up and maintaining infrastructure phases
        2.1.2 name and explain quality characteristics and test types  
        2.1.3 describe a test environment  
        2.1.4 name examples of types of test tools
        2.1.5 explain the advantages of using test tools.

2.2 TMap test engineering activities
    The candidate understands the relation between the test engineering activities.
    The candidate can:
        2.2.1  give examples of activities and objectives of the Preparation, Specification, Execution and Completion phases;
        2.2.2  explain the sequence of the test activities, and their dependencies;
        2.2.3  execute an intake on the test basis and process and report the results;
        2.2.4  explain the various ways of using test data;
        2.2.5  explain the various test approaches;
        2.2.6  find a defect and create a defect report.

2.3 Development testing
    The candidate has knowledge of development testing.
    The candidate can:
        2.3.1  describe the characteristics, context, advantages and disadvantages of development testing.
3. Test Design 35% 3.1 Coverage types and test design techniques
    The candidate understands the coverage types and test design techniques and can apply them.
    The candidate can:
        3.1.1  explain the essential concepts related to test design;
        3.1.2  explain and apply the various coverage types;
        3.1.3  explain and apply the various test design techniques;
        3.1.4  create test cases based on a given test basis and a given coverage type and/or test design technique.

Updates in the Exin TMSTE Exam Syllabus:

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