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Exin ISFS Exam Syllabus

Exin ISFS Exam

Information Security Foundation

Total Questions: 85

What is Included in the Exin ISFS Exam?

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Exin ISFS Exam Overview :

Exam Name Information Security Foundation
Exam Code ISFS
Actual Exam Duration 60 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 40
Official Information https://www.exin.com/certifications/information-security-foundation-based-iso-iec-27001-exam
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Exin ISFS Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
1 Information and Security 15%  1.1 The Concept of Information
  The candidate can...
  1.1.1 explain the difference between data and information.
  1.1.2 explain what information management is.

 1.2 Value of Information
  The candidate can...
  1.2.1 describe the value of data and information for organizations.
  1.2.2 describe how the value of data and information can influence organizations.
  1.2.3 explain how applied information security concepts protect the value of data and information.

 1.3 Reliability Aspects
  The candidate can...
  1.3.1 name the reliability aspects of information.
  1.3.2 describe the reliability aspects of information.
2 Threats and Risks 15%  2.1 Threats and Risks
  The candidate can...
  2.1.1 explain the concepts threat, risk and risk analysis.  
  2.1.2 explain the relationship between a threat and a risk.
  2.1.3 explain various types of threats.
  2.1.4 describe various types of damage.
  2.1.5 describe various risk strategies.
3 Approach and Organization 17.5%  3.1 Security Policy and Security Organization
  The candidate can...
  3.1.1 outline the objectives and the content of a security policy.
  3.1.2 outline the objectives and the content of a security organization.
 3.2 Components
  The candidate can...
  3.2.1 explain the importance of a code of conduct.  
  3.2.2 explain the importance of ownership.
  3.2.3 name the most important roles in the security organization.
 3.3 Incident Management
  The candidate can....
  3.3.1 summarize how security incidents are reported and what information is required.
  3.3.2 give examples of security incidents.
  3.3.3 explain the consequences of not reporting security incidents.
  3.3.4 explain what an escalation entails (functionally and hierarchically).
  3.3.5 describe the effects of escalation within the organization.
  3.3.6 explain the incident cycle.
4 Measures 42.5%  4.1 Importance of Measures
  The candidate can...
  4.1.1 describe various ways in which security measures may be structured or arranged.  
  4.1.2 give examples for each type of security measure.
  4.1.3 explain the relationship between risks and security measures.
  4.1.4 explain the objective of the classification of information.
  4.1.5 describe the effect of classification.

 4.2 Physical Measures
  The candidate can...
  4.2.1 give examples of physical security measures.
  4.2.2 describe the risks involved with insufficient physical security measures.

 4.3 Technical Measures
  The candidate can...
  4.3.1 give examples of technical security measures.  
  4.3.2 describe the risks involved with insufficient technical security measures.
  4.3.3 understand the concepts cryptography, digital signature, and certificate.
  4.3.4 name various types of malware, phishing, and spam.
  4.3.5 describe the measures that can be used against malware, phishing, and spam.

 4.4 Organizational Measures
  The candidate can...
  4.4.1 give examples of organizational security measures.
  4.4.2 describe the dangers and risks involved with insufficient organizational security measures.
  4.4.3 describe access security measures such as the segregation of duties and the use of passwords.
  4.4.4 describe the principles of access management.
  4.4.5 describe the concepts identification, authentication, and authorization.
  4.4.6 explain the importance to an organization of a well set-up business continuity management.
  4.4.7 make clear the importance of conducting exercises.
5 Legislation and Regulations 10%  5.1 Legislation and Regulations
  The candidate can...
  5.1.1 explain why legislation and regulations are important for the reliability of information.
  5.1.2 give examples of legislation related to information security.
  5.1.3 give examples of regulations related to information security.
  5.1.4 indicate possible measures that may be taken to fulfill the requirements of legislation and regulations.

Updates in the Exin ISFS Exam Syllabus:

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