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Exin CLOUDF Exam Syllabus

Exin CLOUDF Exam

EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation

Total Questions: 112

What is Included in the Exin CLOUDF Exam?

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Exin CLOUDF Exam Overview :

Exam Name EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation
Exam Code CLOUDF
Actual Exam Duration 60 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 40
Official Information https://www.exin.com/en/certifications/exin-cloud-computing-foundation-exam?language_content_entity=en
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Exin CLOUDF Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
1 Cloud Principles 32.5%     1.1 Concept of Cloud
        The candidate can...
        1.1.1 explain what cloud computing is.
        1.1.2 compare the main cloud deployment models (private, public, community, and hybrid cloud).
        1.1.3 compare the main cloud service models (PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS).
    1.2 Evolution Towards Cloud Computing
        The candidate can...
        1.2.1 describe the main concepts from which cloud computing developed.
        1.2.2 explain the role of network and servers in cloud computing.
        1.2.3 describe the role of the internet in cloud computing.
        1.2.4 explain the role of virtualization in cloud computing.
        1.2.5 describe the role of managed services in cloud computing.
    1.3 Cloud Architecture
        The candidate can...
        1.3.1 explain the difference between single purpose and multipurpose architectures.
        1.3.2 describe a service-oriented architecture (SOA).
    1.4 Benefits and Limitations of Cloud  
        The candidate can...
        1.4.1 identify the main benefits of cloud.
        1.4.2 identify the main limitations of cloud.
2 Implementing and Managing Cloud 20%     2.1 Building Local Cloud Environments
        The candidate can...
        2.1.1 describe the main components of a local cloud environment and how they are interconnected.
        2.1.2 describe the use of secured access to a LAN.  
        2.1.3 describe the risks of connecting a local cloud network to the public internet.
        The candidate can...2.2 Principles of Managing Cloud Services
        2.2.1 describe the use of IT Service Management principles (ISO/IEC 20000) in a cloud environment.
        2.2.2 explain the management of service levels in a cloud environment.
3 Using the Cloud 17.5%     3.1 Accessing the Cloud
        The candidate can...
        3.1.1 describe how to access web applications through a web browser.
        3.1.2 describe the cloud web access architecture.
        3.1.3  describe the use of a thin client.
        3.1.4 describe the use of mobile devices in accessing the cloud.
    3.2 Supporting Business Processes with Cloud Computing
        The candidate can...
        3.2.1 identify the impact of cloud computing on the primary processes of the business.
        3.2.2 describe the role of standard applications in collaboration.
    3.3 Service Providers Using the Cloud
        The candidate can...
        3.3.1 explain how using cloud changes the relation between vendors and customers.
        3.3.2 identify benefits and risks of providing cloud-based services.
4 Cloud Security, Identity and Privacy 17.5%     4.1 Cloud Security
        The candidate can...
        4.1.1 recognize cloud security risks.
        4.1.2 describe measures mitigating cloud security risks.
    4.2 Identity and Privacy Management
        The candidate can...
        4.2.1 describe the main aspects of identity management.
        4.2.2 describe privacy and compliance issues and safeguards in cloud.
5 Evaluation of Cloud Computing 12.5%     5.1 Business Case for Cloud
        The candidate can...
        5.1.1 describe the costs of cloud from a TCO (total costs of ownership) perspective.
        5.1.2 describe the costs of cloud from an RoI (return on investment) perspective.
    5.2 Evaluation of Cloud Implementations
        The candidate can...
        5.2.1 describe the evaluation of performance factors, management requirements and satisfaction factors.
        5.2.2 describe the evaluation of service providers and their services in cloud technology.

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