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Exin BLOCKCHAINF Exam Syllabus


EXIN Blockchain Foundation

Total Questions: 84

What is Included in the Exin BLOCKCHAINF Exam?

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Exin BLOCKCHAINF Exam Overview :

Exam Name EXIN Blockchain Foundation
Official Information https://www.exin.com/certifications/exin-blockchain-foundation-exam
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Exin BLOCKCHAINF Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
1 Blockchain Basics 37.5%     1.1 Blockchain Technology
        The candidate can...
        1.1.1 explain how a blockchain works.
        1.1.2 explain what a node is.
        1.1.3 identify the role of a node in a network.  
        1.1.4 explain what tokens are.
        1.1.5 differentiate between public, private and hybrid blockchains.
    1.2 Additional Blockchain Elements
        The candidate can...
        1.2.1 explain how cryptography is used in a blockchain.
        1.2.2 explain how private and public keys are used in a blockchain.
        1.2.3 explain how hashes are used in a blockchain.
        1.2.4 explain the purpose ledgers have in a blockchain.
        1.2.5 explain the role mining has in a blockchain.

    1.3 Structure of a Blockchain Network
        The candidate can...
        1.3.1 recognize the types of consensus algorithms from a description.
        1.3.2 identify advantages and disadvantages of different consensus algorithms.
2 Blockchain Challenges 17.5%     2.1 Challenges for a Blockchain
        The candidate can...
        2.1.1 identify blockchain vulnerabilities.
        2.1.2 identify the risks community fractures and feuds pose to a blockchain.
        2.1.3 identify the risks fraud and scams pose to a blockchain.
    2.2 Blockchain Risk Mitigation
        The candidate can...
        2.2.1 explain how the additional blockchain elements can be used to mitigate blockchain risks.
        2.2.2 explain the role of the public witness in a blockchain.
3 Applications of a Blockchain 32.5%     3.1 Blockchain Use Case
        The candidate can...
        3.1.1 explain in which scenarios a blockchain is useful.
    3.2 Blockchain Technology Supporting Businesses
        The candidate can...
        3.2.1 explain how cryptocurrencies are used.
        3.2.2 identify the blockchain technology used in a scenario.
        3.2.3 differentiate between blockchain networks.
    3.3 Blockchain Technology Supporting People
        The candidate can...
        3.3.1 explain the use of smart contracts.
        3.3.2 explain the use of decentralized applications (DApps).
        3.3.3 explain the role of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) and  sophisticated smart contracts.
    3.4 Expanding Blockchain Applications
        The candidate can...
        3.4.1 describe possible applications for a blockchain with regard to identity.
        3.4.2 identify the possibilities of combining a blockchain with internet of things (IoT) or artificial intelligence (AI).
        3.4.3 identify the use of decentralized marketplaces and exchanges facilitated by blockchain technology.
    3.5 Blockchain and the World Economy
        The candidate can...
        3.5.1 describe the role a blockchain can play in the supply chain.
        3.5.2 describe the role a blockchain can play in cross-border money transfers.
4 Blockchain Innovations 12.5%     4.1 Innovations in Blockchain Technology
        The candidate can...
        4.1.1 explain what digital fiat currency and disruption in banking and currency are.  
        4.1.2 explain how blockchain technology can change insurance.
        4.1.3 explain the use of blockchain technology for the protection of intellectual property rights (IP) and provenance.
        4.1.4 explain how blockchain technology may change governments.
        4.1.5 identify applications for blockchain technology in e-mail and the trust layer for the internet.

Updates in the Exin BLOCKCHAINF Exam Syllabus:

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