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Exin ASM Exam Syllabus

Exin ASM Exam

Agile Scrum Master

Total Questions: 230

What is Included in the Exin ASM Exam?

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Exin ASM Exam Overview :

Exam Name Agile Scrum Master
Exam Code ASM
Official Information https://www.exin.com/certifications/exin-agile-scrum-master-exam
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Exin ASM Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
1 Agile Way of Thinking 10%     1.1 Agile Concepts
        The candidate can...
        1.1.1 explain the Agile way of thinking.
        1.1.2 explain how Agile brings predictability and flexibility.
        1.1.3 describe how to establish continuous improvement.
        1.1.4 differentiate other Agile frameworks and methodologies: Crystal, Extreme Programming (XP), DSDM, LeSS, SAFe and Kanban.
2 Scrum Master Role 27.5%     2.1 Responsibilities and Commitment
        The candidate can...
        2.1.1 explain which tasks and responsibilities belong to the Scrum Master role.
        2.1.2 analyze a scenario for the best solution to a problem typical to Scrum Masters.
        2.1.3 explain which tools to use to facilitate the team.
    2.2 Facilitating and Coaching the Team  
        The candidate can...
        2.2.1 explain how to facilitate the team by removing roadblocks.  
        2.2.2 explain how to coach and train the team.
    2.3 Other Roles (Product Owner, Developers)
        The candidate can...
        2.3.1 explain all roles within the Scrum framework.
3 Agile Estimating, Planning, Monitoring and Control 32.5%     3.1 Writing and Maintaining the Product and Sprint Backlog
        The candidate can...
        3.1.1 explain why a good definition of done (DoD) is so important.
        3.1.2 explain how to write good user stories for services or products.
        3.1.3 explain how to maintain the product backlog and how to add product backlog items.
    3.2 Agile Planning
        The candidate can...
        3.2.1 explain planning of portfolio, products, and roadmaps.
        3.2.2 explain the role of the Scrum Master in the sprint planning.
    3.3 Agile Estimation
        The candidate can...
        3.3.1 explain how to use story points, ideal hours, ideal days and velocity during planning.
        3.3.2 recognize errors in estimation.
    3.4 Tracking and Communicating Progress
        The candidate can...
        3.4.1 identify impediments, deviations, roadblocks and other obstacles that influence the progress positively and negatively.
        3.4.2 explain how to create information radiators, how to interpret them and how to act on the results.
        3.4.3 explain how to interpret commonly used tracking methods (burn-down chart, velocity, et cetera).
    3.5 Staying in Control
        The candidate can...
        3.5.1 explain how to manage issues and bugs and how to inform stakeholders.
4 Complex Projects 12.5%     4.1 Scaling Agile Projects
        The candidate can...
        4.1.1 explain how to use the product backlog in a scaled environment.
        4.1.2 explain how to scale Scrum using Nexus.
    4.2 Suitability of Agile for Different Types of Projects
        The candidate can...
        4.2.1 explain in which cases it is not possible to use Agile.
        4.2.2 explain why having a small team is beneficial for any project.
    4.3 Agile Administration in Tooling and Tool Integration
        The candidate can...
        4.3.1 explain which tools can help a team to use or adopt Agile and thereby increase the quality of the development process
5 Adopting Agile 17.5%     5.1 Introducing Agile
        The candidate can...
        5.1.1 explain how some project management activities are transferred to the Scrum Master role after the transition to Scrum.
        5.1.2 identify what can go wrong when transitioning to Scrum.
        5.1.3 explain how to deal with resistance to change.
    5.2 Self-management
        The candidate can...
        5.2.1 explain what self-management means for a team.
        5.2.2 explain what it means to have a cross-functional team.
    5.3 Agile Requirements and Proper Environment
        The candidate can...
        5.3.1 explain what changes in culture must be made before adopting Agile.

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