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Citrix 1Y0-403 Exam Syllabus

Citrix 1Y0-403 Exam

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Assessment. Design and Advanced Configurations

Total Questions: 99

What is Included in the Citrix 1Y0-403 Exam?

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Citrix 1Y0-403 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Assessment. Design and Advanced Configurations
Exam Code 1Y0-403
Actual Exam Duration 120 minutes
Official Information https://training.citrix.com/learning/exam?id=2073
See Expected Questions Citrix 1Y0-403 Expected Questions in Actual Exam
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Citrix 1Y0-403 Exam Topics :

Section Objectives
Section 1: Methodology and Assessmen 1.01 Determine the design decisions that should be made based on given business drivers.
  • Identify Business Drivers
  • Prioritize Business Drivers
1.02 Determine how to complete the user segmentation process for a given environment.
  • Importance of User SegmentationUser Segmentation Process-
  • Assess How Much Data Has Already Been Collected
  • Design a Data Collection Strategy
  • Perform Data Collection and Analysis Activitie
1.03 Determine how to categorize applications based on a scenario.
  • Categories of Applications
  • Application Assessment Analysis Options
1.04 Assess a given environment to determine the capabilities of that environment.
  • Client Devices and Mobility RequirementsNetwork Architecture
  • Current Virtualization and Storage Solution Risks
  • Windows Server and Active Directory Environment
  • Disaster Recovery Plan and Implementation
Section 2: User Layer 2.01 Determine the appropriate endpoint type and peripherals required for a given environment.
  • Endpoint selection
  • Endpoint ownership
  • Endpoint lifecycle
  • Endpoint management
  • Endpoint to User Mapping
  • Which Peripherals can be Included?
  • Peripheral Impact on Workflows
  • Peripheral Scalability Considerations
  • Peripheral Security Considerations
2.02 Determine how to appropriately deploy Citrix Workspace app based on a list of requirements.
  • Citrix Workspace app Version ConsiderationsChallenges with Multiple Versions of Citrix Workspace app in an Environmen
2.03 Determine the network connectivity and graphics requirements for a design.
  • Network Connectivity and the User Experience
  • Throughput and Latency Considerations
  • Estimating User Bandwidth Requirements
  • Graphics Protocols
  • Transport Protocols
  • Media Content Redirection
  • Session Interruption Managemen
Section 3: Access Layer 3.01 Determine the appropriate settings and configurations to make when designing an access deployment strategy for Citrix Gateway and StoreFront/Workspace.
  • Identify the Access Layer
  • On-Premises or Customer Hosted Citrix
  • Gateway and StoreFront
  • Double-Hop Access Architecture
  • Citrix Workspace vs. Customer Hosted StoreFront
  • Citrix Cloud Considerations for Citrix Gateway Service
  • Citrix Cloud Access Layer Design Considerations
3.02 Determine the architectural needs of an environment when designing StoreFront stores.
  • Use Cases for Multiple Stores
  • Design Store Access Paths-
  • Define Access Paths Per User Group
  • Determine Number of URLs Required
  • Determine Configurations and Prerequisites
3.03 Determine access layer scalability for Citrix Gateway and StoreFront in a given environment.
  • Citrix Gateway
  • Scalability
  • High Availability Options
  • StoreFront Server Scalability -Single Server and Server Group
  • StoreFront Component High Availability (Load Balancing StoreFront)
Section 4: Resource Layer –Images 4.01 Determine how to appropriately scale the infrastructure for Virtual Delivery Agent Machines in a given environment
  • Virtual Delivery Agent Machine Scalability -On-Premises and in the Cloud
  • Virtual Delivery Agent Machine Sizing with NUMA
  • Server OS VDA Machines
  • Desktop OS VDA Machines
  • Scalability Testing and Monitoring -On-Premises and in the Cloud
4.02 Determine how to secure the Virtual Delivery Agent Machines based on a scenario.
  • Securing VDA Machines
  • Network Traffic
  • Preventing Breakouts
  • Implementing Hardening
  • Antivirus Leading Practices
4.03 Determine how to design the appropriate image provisioning strategy for a given environment.
  • Image Management MethodsCitrix Provisioning
  • Target Device Boot Method
  • Read Cache Method and Sizing
  • Write Cache Type
  • vDiskStore Location-Network Design
  • ScalabilityMachine Creation Services
  • Cloning Type
  • Storage Location
  • Read and Write Cache Design
  • Storage Sizing
  • App Layering as an Image Management Solution
  • App Layering -Key Design and Scalability Considerations
  • Compare Image Management Methods

Section 5: Resource Layer -Applications and Personalization 5.01 Determine the appropriate delivery options for Application deployment based on the analysis of the given environment.
  • Installed Apps
  • Streamed Apps -App-V
  • Layered Apps
  • Layered Apps with Elastic Layering
  • Layered Apps with User Layers
  • Published Apps
  • Local Apps
  • SaaS / Web-based
  • Determining the Optimal Deployment
  • Method for an App
  • General Application Concerns
5.02 Determine the appropriate profile strategy to use in a given environment.
  • User Setting Persistence Required
  • User Setting Persistence Not Required or Not Desired
  • Folder Redirection
  • Citrix Profile Management Design Considerations
  • Citrix Profile Management Scaling
5.03 Determine the appropriate policies to implement in a given environment.
  • Deployment Method
  • Policy Integration with Active Directory
  • Policy Permissions and Functionality Considerations
  • Creating a Baseline PolicyOptimize Logon Performance for Policies

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