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Cisco 700-755 Exam Topics

Cisco 700-755 Exam

Small Business Technical Overview

Total Questions: 60

What is Included in the Cisco 700-755 Exam?

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Cisco 700-755 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Small Business Technical Overview
Exam Code 700-755
Actual Exam Duration 55 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 90
Official Information https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/exams/current-list/small-business-technical-overview-sbto.html#~overview
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Cisco 700-755 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
1.0 Cisco Designed Overview 5%     1.1  Define small business market
    1.2  Explain Cisco Designed scope
    1.3  Explain connect, compute, and collaborate securely
2.0 Small business Switching 10%     2.1  Define Catalyst 1000; show scope of Catalyst 1000 portfolio; features of Catalyst 1000; Use cases for Catalyst 1000
    2.2  Define small business switches; explain features and benefits
        2.2a Defining the Cisco Business Dashboard
        2.2b Cisco Business Dashboard use cases
    2.3  Defining Cisco 110 Series unmanaged switches
    2.4  Defining Cisco 220 Series smart switches
    2.5  Defining Cisco 250 Series smart switches
    2.6  Defining Cisco 350 Series managed switches

3.0 Small business Routing 10%     3.1 Cisco RV Small Series Routers overview
        3.1a  RV100 series definition
        3.1b  RV200 series definition
        3.1c  RV300 series definition
    3.2 Integrated Services Router (ISR) 900
        3.2a  ISR 900 use cases
        3.2b  ISR 900 portfolio
4.0 Small business Security 10%     4.1  Cisco small business security simplification scoped
    4.2  Small business firewalls
        4.2a  Meraki MX definition
        4.2b  Firepower 1000 series definition
    4.3  DNS Security – Umbrella definition
    4.4  Multifactor authentication – Duo definition
    4.5  AMP for Endpoints definition
    4.6  Cisco Mailbox Defense (CMD) definition
5.0 Cisco Meraki 40%     5.1  Meraki for small business overview
    5.2  Meraki MX security devices overview
        5.2a  MX model overview
        5.2b  MX license overview
        5.2c  MX features overview: VPN, AMP,
        5.2d  MX SDWAN definition
        5.2e  MX Sizing guide
    5.3  Meraki MS switches overview
        5.3a  MS switches platform overview
        5.3b  MS model overview
        5.3c  MS features: multigigabit ethernet, stacking, topology, tools
    5.4  Meraki MR wireless overview
        5.4a  MR access points overview
        5.4b  MR features: wireless intrusion prevention (WIPS), auto RF, CMX location analytics, mesh routing, Bluetooth low energy, wireless health
    5.5  Meraki Systems Manager (SM) overview
        5.5a  SM platform overview
        5.5b  SM features: mobility device management (MDM), application and content management, Sentry
    5.6  Meraki MV Smart Cameras
        5.6a  MV platform overview
        5.6b  MV models
        5.6c  MV benefits
        5.6d  MV features: optimized retention, video wall, video search, role-based access, analytics and machine learning
    5.7  Meraki small business sales cycle
    5.8  Meraki Go
6.0 Small business Wireless 10%     6.1  Small business wireless overview
        6.1a  Small business wireless core concepts: resiliency, integrated security, intelligence with IT simplicity
        6.1b  Wi-Fi6 Use Cases
    6.2  Small business wireless product portfolio
        6.2a  Defining Wi-Fi with Intent-Based Networking for small business
        6.2b  Introducing new wireless controllers and transition from previous controllers
        6.2c  Next generation access points
    6.3  Small business wireless product positioning
        6.3a  Small business placement in Cisco wireless ecosystem partnerships
        6.3b  Small business wireless access points transition
        6.3c  Small business wireless competitive landscape
    6.4  Small business Embedded Wireless Controller (EWC)
        6.4a  Defining Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller (EWC)
        6.4b  Use cases for EWC
7.0 Small business collaboration 5%     7.1  Webex overview
    7.2  Webex devices framework
8.0 Small business data center 10%     8.1  Small business data center unified computing overview: models 220 and 240
    8.2  Small business data center Hyperflex overview
    8.3  Small business data center Intersight overview
    8.4  Small business data center hybrid cloud overview

Updates in the Cisco 700-755 Exam Topics:

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