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Cisco 500-230 Exam Syllabus

Cisco 500-230 Exam

Cisco Service Provider Routing Field Engineer

Total Questions: 30

What is Included in the Cisco 500-230 Exam?

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Cisco 500-230 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Cisco Service Provider Routing Field Engineer
Exam Code 500-230
Official Information https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en_us/partners/downloads/specializations/express-specialization-requirements.pdf
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Cisco 500-230 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
1.0 Cisco Fundamental IoS XR Concepts 50% 1.1 Describe Cisco IOS XR general architecture and command line interface (CLI)

    1.1.a IoS XR architecture, high availability, scalability

1.2 Describe basic system configuration

    1.2.a Configuration operations
    1.2.b Initial configuration
    1.2.c Reviewing the configuration
    1.2.d Route processor redundancy

1.3 Describe switch architecture

    1.3.a Cisco IOS XR architecture, high availability, and scalability review
    1.3.b Verifying the fabric data path

1.4 Describe Cisco IOS XR software operations

    1.4.a Examining the operation basics
    1.4.b Examining configuration operations
    1.4.c Examining configuration rollback and recovery
    1.4.d Examining process management

1.5 Describe configuration file system overview

1.6 Describe system monitoring commands

1.7 Describe error messages and core dumps

    1.7.a System error messages
    1.7.b Logging system messages
    1.7.c Cisco IOS XR core dumps

1.8 Describe IoS XR installation

    1.8.a Installing the software
    1.8.b Recovering from a software installation

1.9 Describe secure domain routers

1.10 Describe AAA security

1.11 Describe network time synchronization
2.0 Cisco Advanced IOS XR Concepts 50% 2.1 Describe monitoring processes

    2.1.a Describe processes, threads, and dynamic link libraries
    2.1.b Describe mandatoryprocesses
    2.1.c Describe CPU hog condition
    2.1.d Describe process crashes and stuck processes
    2.1.e Describe useful commands for debugging processes
    2.1.f Describe restart of processes
    2.1.g Describe process monitoring
    2.1.h Describe identifying memory problems and memory depletion

2.2 Describe Cisco Traffic Flow Troubleshooting

    2.2.a Troubleshooting Cisco IOS XR line card data packet flow and Cisco IOS XR switch fabric

2.3 Describe MPLS label distribution protocol

    2.3.a Describe components of the Label Forwarding Information Base (LFIB)
    2.3.b Describe LDP protocol overview
    2.3.c Describe Cisco IOS XR LDP implementation
    2.3.d Describe Cisco IOS XR MPLS forwarding infrastructure
    2.3.e Describe LDP operation and configuration
    2.3.f Describe commands for troubleshooting LDP operation

2.4 Describe Intra-AS Layer 3 VPNs

    2.4.a L3VPN overview, operation, intranet, and extranet configuration and verification

2.5 Describe Inter-AS Layer 3 VPNs

    2.5.a Inter-AS L3VPN overview, operation A, B, and C configuration and verification

Updates in the Cisco 500-230 Exam Syllabus:

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