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Cisco 300-515 Exam Topics

Cisco 300-515 Exam

Implementing Cisco Service Provider VPN Solutions

Total Questions: 71

What is Included in the Cisco 300-515 Exam?

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Cisco 300-515 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Implementing Cisco Service Provider VPN Solutions
Exam Code 300-515
Actual Exam Duration 90 minutes
Exam Registration Price $300
Official Information https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/exams/current-list/spvi-300-515.html
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Cisco 300-515 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
1.0 VPN Architecture 25%

1.1 Compare VPN architecture

  • 1.1.a Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN
  • 1.1.b Inter-AS and Intra-AS

1.2 Troubleshoot underlay

  • 1.2.a Core IGP
  • 1.2.b LSP

1.3 Describe Layer 2 service architecture

  • 1.3.a IOS XR Ethernet Flowpoints
  • 1.3.b IOS XE Ethernet Virtual Circuits

1.4 Describe the L3VPN control plane operation

  • 1.4.a MP-BGP
  • 1.4.b Route distinguisher
  • 1.4.c VPNv4 address
  • 1.4.d Route target
  • 1.4.e VPN label
  • 1.4.f VRF routing instance
  • 1.4.g PE-CE route advertisement

1.5 Describe the L3VPN data plane operation

  • 1.5.a Underlay label
  • 1.5.b VRF forwarding instance
2.0 Layer 2 VPNs 30%

2.1 Troubleshoot L2VPN Services

  • 2.1.a E-LAN
  • 2.1.b E-Line
  • 2.1.c E-Tree

2.2 Describe EVPN concepts

  • 2.2.a Data plane and control plane operation
  • 2.2.b Multihoming mechanisms
  • 2.2.c Suppression mechanisms
  • 2.2.d Traffic forwarding operation

2.3 Implement Ethernet Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (E-OAM)

2.4 Implementing EVPN

  • 2.4.a EVPN IRB
  • 2.4.b EVPN VPWS
  • 2.4.c EVPN native
3.0 Layer 3 VPNs 35%

3.1 Describe routing requirements

  • 3.1.a MP-BGP
  • 3.1.b PE-CE routing protocol

3.2 Troubleshoot Intra-AS L3VPNs

  • 3.2.a PE-CE
  • 3.2.b PE-PE
  • 3.2.c PE-RR

3.3 Implement multicast VPN

  • 3.3.a Intranet MVPN
  • 3.3.b Extranet MVPN
  • 3.3.c MLDP

3.4 Implement extranet/shared services

  • 3.4.a Import and export route targets
  • 3.4.b Route policy

3.5 Describe Inter-AS L3VPNs

  • 3.5.a Option A
  • 3.5.b Option B
  • 3.5.c Option AB
  • 3.5.d Option C

3.6 Describe CSC concepts

4.0 IPv6 VPNs 10%

4.1 Describe routing requirements

  • 4.1.a MP-BGP
  • 4.1.b PE-CE routing protocol

4.2 Troubleshoot IPv6 VPN provider edge

  • 4.2.a PE-PE
  • 4.2.b PE-CE

Updates in the Cisco 300-515 Exam Topics:

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