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Free 350-501 SPCOR Exam Questions - Cisco 350-501 Exam

Cisco 350-501 Exam

Cisco 350-501 Exam - Prepare from Latest, Not Redundant Questions!

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Cisco 350-501 SPCOR Questions


Refer to Exhibit:


A network engineer must update the routing toward the web server with IP address The primary path must be configured via the neighbor router with ID However, local-preference configuration is not permitted on R1. Which task must the engineer perform on R1 to complete the implementation?


Refer to the exhibit.



The engineering team wants to limit control traffic on router RX with the following IP address assignments:

* Accepted traffic for router:

* NOC users IP allocation:

Which additional configuration must be applied to RX to apply the policy for MSDP?


Refer to the exhibit.




This is a lab item in which tasks will be performed on virtual devices.

* Refer to the Tasks tab to view the tasks for this lab item.

* Refer to the Topology tab to access the device console(s) and perform the tasks.

* Console access is available for all required devices by clicking the device icon or using the tab(s) above the console window.

* All necessary preconfigurations have been applied.

* Do not change the enable password or hostname for any device.

* Save your configurations to NVRAM before moving to the next item.

* Click Next at the bottom of the screen to submit this lab and move to the nextquestion.

* When Next is clicked, the lab closes and cannot be reopened.





R1 and R2 are having issues forming an eBGP neighbor relationship. Troubleshoot and resolve the issue to achieve these goals:

1. Configure R1 and R2 to form a BGP neighborship using their Loopback interfaces.

2. Form the neighbor relationship using a BGP multihop mechanism. Use minimal values to solve the issue.


An ISP Is Implementing end-to-end fault monitoring for a customer based on the IEEE 802.3ah standard. The solution must detect when 15 or more corrupted Ethernet packets arrive within 10 ms and stop propagating traffic through the ISP backbone network or to the customer side. Which configuration must the ISP engineer apply?


Refer to the exhibit.


A network operator working for a telecommunication company with an employee ID: 4350:47:853 must implement an IGP solution based on these requirements:

* Subnet traffic must exit through the R1 router to connect with the Syslog server.

* Subnet traffic must exit through the R2 router to connect with the NTP server.

* In case of link failure between R2 and R4, traffic must be routed via R1 and R3.

Which two configurations must be implemented on R5 to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

Question: 1 Answer: B
Question: 2 Answer: B
Question: 3 Answer: A
Question: 4 Answer: C
Question: 5 Answer: B

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