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Free 350-201 CBRCOR Exam Questions - Cisco 350-201 Exam

Cisco 350-201 Exam

Cisco 350-201 Exam - Prepare from Latest, Not Redundant Questions!

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Cisco 350-201 CBRCOR Questions


What is idempotence?


A SOC team is investigating a recent, targeted social engineering attack on multiple employees. Cross- correlated log analysis revealed that two hours before the attack, multiple assets received requests on TCP port 79. Which action should be taken by the SOC team to mitigate this attack?


Employees receive an email from an executive within the organization that summarizes a recent security breach and requests that employees verify their credentials through a provided link. Several employees report the email as suspicious, and a security analyst is investigating the reports. Which two steps should the analyst take to begin this investigation? (Choose two.)


Which action should be taken when the HTTP response code 301 is received from a web application?


A SOC engineer discovers that the organization had three DDOS attacks overnight. Four servers are reported offline, even though the hardware seems to be working as expected. One of the offline servers is affecting the pay system reporting times. Three employees, including executive management, have reported ransomware on their laptops. Which steps help the engineer understand a comprehensive overview of the incident?

Question: 1 Answer: A
Question: 2 Answer: D
Question: 3 Answer: C, E
Question: 4 Answer: A
Question: 5 Answer: D

Note: If you see any error in these Cisco Performing CyberOps Using Core Security Technologies questions or answers, get in touch with us via email: support@study4exam.com.

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