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Free 300-910 DEVOPS Exam Questions - Cisco 300-910 Exam

Cisco 300-910 Exam

Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices using Cisco Platforms

Total Questions: 130

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Cisco 300-910 DEVOPS Questions


A developer is creating an application based on microservices. The application will be used as a central repository for all company's documents. One of the microservices in the application will perform image processing. This microservice must autoscale to meet the current load and avoid down time.

Which metric must be used to trigger autoscaling events?


An application has been designed based on microservices. The application is deployed on Kubernetes using multiple pods that share the same IP address. Each pod is responsible for a service in the application.

Which command validates the success of the application deployment?


Refer to the exhibit.


An organization has issues with code-based failures after implementing a CI/CD pipeline to automate the builds and deployment phases of an application.

Which action must be added to the pipeline, after the application is deployed in the staging environment to minimize failures and to ensure a successful continuous deployment?


An application is being developed to be used by the HR department of a company on a global scale. The application will be used as a central repository for employee contracts. For user access, a RADIUS server will be used with authorized user groups.

Which action must be used to prevent developers from accidentally committing secrets in the code?


What is an advantage of using configuration management tools to automate infrastructure services?

Question: 1 Answer: B
Question: 2 Answer: B
Question: 3 Answer: D
Question: 4 Answer: A
Question: 5 Answer: C

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