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Free 300-610 DCID Exam Questions - Cisco 300-610 Exam

Cisco 300-610 Exam

Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure

Total Questions: 170

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Cisco 300-610 DCID Questions


A network engineer must select a high availability feature for their data center. The solution must ensure network resilience, reduce network instability for Layer 3 routing protocols, and meet these requirements:

The device must notify its neighbors when the control plane is undergoing a restart.

The solution must suppress routing flaps in case of stateful switchovers.

Which solution must be implemented?


What are two advantages of using Cisco vPC as compared to traditional access layer designs? (Choose two.)


A storage engineer requires a solution that achieves multiple paths between a server and storage array. The design must support complete traffic isolation and support a 50% growth in the next year. Which FCoE solution meets these requirements?


A engineer wants to eliminate the manual process of checking the system hardware and firmware against a specified hardware compatibility tool. The tool must be able to manage an extensive list of devices including cisco HyperFlex, MDS, and Nexus switches. The tool must manage hardware in multiple data centers so it should be deployed on public cloud infrastructure. Which tool meets these requirements?


An engineer configured the OSPF protocol in the vPC topology. During the catastrophic failure of one of the vPC the member switches, the traffic was routed to a black hole. This route was caused by the long convergence time caused by the delay of the of the vPC member switch reboot. After the failure, the engineer rebooted both switches, but the secondary switch powered on before the primary one. It caused all the vPCs to be shut down due to consistency-check violations. Which two features must be used to prevent these situations from happening in the future? (Choose two.)

Question: 1 Answer: C
Question: 2 Answer: C, D
Question: 3 Answer: B
Question: 4 Answer: A
Question: 5 Answer: A, C

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