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Free CIMAPRO19-P03-1 Exam Questions - CIMA CIMAPRO19-P03-1 Exam


P3 Risk Management

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Based on Official Syllabus Topics of Actual CIMAPRO19-P03-1 Exam

During the preparation, you can be confused about CIMA exam question types, exam pattern, and allocated time to attempt questions of the CIMA Professional Qualification certification exam. Study4Exam helps you to remove these doubts with 3 formats of its CIMAPRO19-P03-1 exam preparation. We ensure that you will easily pass the CIMA P3 Risk Management exam either by using CIMAPRO19-P03-1 PDF questions or taking the practice exam is web-based and desktop formats. You can prepare CIMAPRO19-P03-1 practice questions in PDF format at any time and from any place with smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Preparation evaluation is very helpful to remove mistakes and successfully prepare for the CIMA Professional Qualification CIMAPRO19-P03-1 exam. The CIMACIMA Professional Qualification CIMAPRO19-P03-1 practice exam is one of the key steps of your exam preparation plan to identify your preparation mistakes, strengthen weaker areas of the preparation, and get familiar with the actual exam environment. Web-based and desktop CIMAPRO19-P03-1 practice exams are available to help you do self-assessment.

How these Free Questions can help you Prepare for the actual CIMAPRO19-P03-1 Exam?

Understand the Actual CIMAPRO19-P03-1 Exam Syllabus, Format, and Question Types

Get official information about the syllabus and format of the exam to set an effective study plan. This information helps you to know what type of questions and topics will appear in the CIMAPRO19-P03-1 exam. Don’t waste your time and concentrate on such learning content which is expected in the actual exam.

Self-Asses your preparation for the actual CIMA P3 Risk Management Exam

Manage your daily routine to ensure that you have the proper time to study for the CIMA P3 Risk Management exam every day. Sit in a calm environment and do hard work daily to cover the entire CIMAPRO19-P03-1 exam syllabus. It is not possible to study one morning and pass the CIMAPRO19-P03-1 exam the next day. If you want to get passing marks on the first attempt, prepare for the CIMAPRO19-P03-1 exam daily.

CIMA CIMAPRO19-P03-1 Questions


YY is a company which generates electricity from alternative energy sources It has just begun constructing a wind farm near a well-known beauty spot The protect has been controversial as campaigners say it will be noisy and unsightly.

The campaigners took legal action but lost the case Some of them have started a campaign of direct action against YY and are physically blocking roads leading to the site and attempting to intimidate YY's staff

YY has hired a security company to help it to protect its staff

Which of the following statements are view in relation to the ethics of this scenario''

Select ALL that apply.


CDE an online ticket sales agent, has unwittingly become an accomplice in cyber crime and is suffering attacks on its own business as a result CDE's website was poorly designed and cyber-attackers have managed to inject the site with malware, so that it collects all of CDE's customer log-in information and enables the cyber-attackers to retrieve it

The cyber-attackers subsequently use this information to set up Botnet agents in the customers' devices which are then used in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack whenever very popular tickets are being placed on sale such as international football matches

The cyber-attackers secure access to a single portal on the site and buy multiple tickets for subsequent sale on the black market while the DDoS causes all other portals to be overloaded preventing real fans acquiring the tickets at face value

Which TWO of the following apply in this scenario?


T has its computer facilities in a building adjacent to its headquarters Severe structural problems have been discovered with this building and T has been advised that the only option is demolition and rebuild This leaves T with strategic decisions to make about its IT provision and it has decided to investigate the outsourcing of its services

Which TWO of the following factors should T consider as most important at this stage?


T is an accountant who has been accused of professional incompetence T agreed to advise a client on currency management and the client lost a great deal of money when a large foreign currency trade receivable declined in value without having been hedged.

Which of the following factors strengthens the case that T has been incompetent?

Select ALL that apply


JNH is a major corporation that stores its customer database in the Cloud JNH has suffered a data breach that has led to customer credit card details being made available for sale on the internet JNH's Head of Security wishes to analyse network traffic at the cloud-based server in order to gain a better understanding of the manner in which the data was intercepted, but has been refused access.

Which of the following is the most likely explanation for the third-party owner's refusal to assist JNH's Head of Security?

Question: 1 Answer: A, B, D
Question: 2 Answer: A, D
Question: 3 Answer: D, E
Question: 4 Answer: A, B, E
Question: 5 Answer: C

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