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C++ Institute CPP Exam

CPP - C++ Certified Professional Programmer

Total Questions: 228

What is Included in the C++ Institute CPP Exam?

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C++ Institute CPP Exam Overview :

Exam Name CPP - C++ Certified Professional Programmer
Exam Code CPP
Actual Exam Duration 65 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 60
Official Information http://cppinstitute.org/cpp-c-certified-professional-programmer
See Expected Questions C++ Institute CPP Expected Questions in Actual Exam
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C++ Institute CPP Exam Topics :

Section Objectives
  • What are templates,
  • Basic syntax,
  • Function templates,
  • Class templates,
  • When to use templates,
  • Typical problems when using templates.
STL Sequential containers
  • Types of sequential containers,
  • vector, deque, list and their API,
  • Sequential container adapters – stack, queue and priority queue,
  • Dealing with objects as container elements,
  • Usage – when to use what.
STL Associative containers
  • Types of associative containers,
  • set and multiset – behavior and API,
  • map and multimap – behavior and API,
  • Putting objects into set and map,
  • Usage – when to use what.
Non-modifying STL algorithms
  • Definition of a non-modifying algorithm
  • List of non-modifying algorithms: for_each, find, find_if, find_end, find_first_of, adjacent_find, count, count_if, mismatch, equal, search, search_n,
  • Examples,
  • Container compatibility.
Modifying STL algorithms
  • Definition of a modifying algorithm,
  • List of modifying algorithms: transform, copy, copy_backward, swap, swap_ranges, iter_swap, replace, fill, fill_n, generate, generate_n, remove, remove_if,  unique, unique_copy, reverse, reverse_copy, rotate,  partition, stable_partition
  • Examples,
  • Container compatibility.
Sorting STL operations
  • List of sorting algorithms: random_shuffle, sort, stable_partition, lower_bound, upper_bound, equal_range, binary_search,
  • Examples,
  • Containers compatibility,
  • Sorting of objects.
STL merge operations
  • List of merging algorithms: merge, includes, min_element, max_element, inplace_merge,
  • STL operations for sets,
  • Examples,
  • Container compatibility.
STL utilities and functional library
  • STL “small” tools,
  • List of useful functors,
  • Examples.
STL advanced I/O
  • Classes which provide the input and output capability,
  • Console I/O,
  • Formatting,
  • File I/O,
  • Strings I/O,
  • Examples.

Updates in the C++ Institute CPP Exam Topics:

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