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Autodesk Maya12_A Exam Syllabus

Autodesk Maya12_A Exam

Maya 2012 Certified Associate

Total Questions: 30

What is Included in the Autodesk Maya12_A Exam?

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Autodesk Maya12_A Exam Overview :

Exam Name Maya 2012 Certified Associate
Exam Code Maya12_A
Actual Exam Duration 90 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 60
Official Information https://damassets.autodesk.net/content/dam/autodesk/www/training-certification/pdf/en/2012/maya_2012_cert_exam_prep_roadmap_lores.pdf
See Expected Questions Autodesk Maya12_A Expected Questions in Actual Exam
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Autodesk Maya12_A Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
  •     Constrain an object to a path
  •     Edit animation curves using the Graph Editor
  •     Explain Near and Far Clip Plane for your camera
  •     Identify controls for transforming the camera
  •     Describe how to composite multiple layers together
Dynamics / Simulation
  •     Explain how to control a Soft Body simulation
  •     Identify and describe the behavior of a Soft Body
  •     Identify nConstraint membership properties
  •     Identify important attributes of OpticalFx
  •     Describe Focus Attributes on Depth Map
  •     Describe how to use Look Through Selected to place lights in a scene
  •     Identify the specular component of a light
Materials / Shading
  •     Describe how to fix textures that move on animated/deforming surfaces
  •     Identify how to apply 2D Textures
  •     Identify specular shading attributes that are specific to Blinn
  •     Explain the typical workflow for Edge Loop modeling
  •     Identify the typical workflow for Subdivision surface modeling
  •     Identify the type of Boolean operation performed on the objects
Rendering Describe Raytrace/Scanline quality settings
  •     Describe the functionality of Render Preview within IPR
  •     Indicate the rendering settings that change when the NTSC preset is enabled
Rigging / Setup
  •     Describe options for using the Blend Shape deformer
  •     Identify options for editing Rigid Skin
  •     Identify options for editing Smooth Skin
Scene Assembly / Pipeline Integration
  •     Describe how to import files while preserving scene data
  •     Describe how to improve scene organization by using Search and Rename operations
  •     Describe how to add syntax to a script
UI / Object Management
  •     Describe how to display Safe Frames
  •     Describe Viewport configuration and ViewCube navigation
  •     Describe the purpose and benefits of freezing transformation data on objects

Updates in the Autodesk Maya12_A Exam Syllabus:

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