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Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence

Total Questions: 348

What is Included in the ASQ CMQ-OE Exam?

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ASQ CMQ-OE Exam Overview :

Exam Name Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence
Exam Code CMQ-OE
Actual Exam Duration 180 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 150
Official Information http://asq.org/cert/manager-of-quality
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ASQ CMQ-OE Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
I. Leadership 28% A.  Organizational Structures
B.  Leadership Challenges
    1.    Roles and responsibilities of leaders
    2.    Roles and responsibilities of managers
    3.   Change management
    4.   Leadership techniques
    5.   Empowerment
C.  Teams and Team Processes
    1.   Types of teams
    2.   Stages of team development
    3.   Team-building techniques
    4.   Team roles and responsibilities
    5.     Team  performance and evaluation
D.  ASQ Code of Ethics
II. Strategic Plan Development and Deployment 22% A.  Strategic Planning Models

B.  Business Environment Analysis
    1.   Risk analysis
    2.   Market forces
    3.   Stakeholder analysis
C.  Strategic Plan Deployment
    1.   Tactical plans
    2.   Resource allocation and deployment
    3.   Organizational  performance measurement
    4.   Quality in strategic deployment
III. Management Elements and Methods 31% A.  Management Skills and Abilities
    1.   Principles of management
    2.   Management theories and styles
    3.   Interdependence  of functional areas
    4.   Human  resources (HR) management
    5.   Financial management
    6.   Risk management
    7.   Knowledge management (KM)
B.  Communication  Skills and Abilities
    1.   Communication techniques
    2.   Interpersonal skills
    3.   Communications in a global economy
    4.   Communications and technology
C.  Project Management
    1.   Project management basics
    2.   Project planning and estimation tools
    3.   Measure and monitor project activity
    4.   Project documentation
D.  Quality System
    1.   Quality mission and policy
    2.   Quality planning, deployment, and documentation
    3.   Quality system effectiveness
    4.   Quality philosophies
E.  Quality Models and Theories
    1.   Quality management standards
    2.   Performance excellence models
    3.   Other quality methodologies
    4.   Quality philosophies
IV. Quality Management Tools 30% A.  Problem-Solving Tools
    1.   The seven classic quality tools
    2.   Basic management and planning tools
    3.   Process improvement tools
    4.   Innovation and creativity tools
    5.   Cost of quality (COQ)
B.  Process Management
    1.   Process goals
    2.   Process analysis
    3.   Lean tools
    4.   Theory of constraints (TOC)
C.  Measurement:  Assessment and Metrics
    1.   Basic statistical use
    2.   Sampling
    3.   Statistical analysis
    4.   Measurement systems analysis
    5.   Trend and pattern analysis
    6.   Process variation
    7.   Process capability
    8.   Reliability terminology
Customer-Focused Organizations 21% A.    Customer  Identification and Segmentation
    1.   Internal customers
    2.   External customers
    3.   Customer segmentation
    4.   Qualitative assessment
B.    Customer  Relationship Management
    1.   Customer needs
    2.   Customer  satisfaction and loyalty
    3.   Customer service principles
    4.   Multiple and diverse customer management
Supply Chain Management 17% A.  Supplier Selection and Approval

B.  Supplier Risk Management

C.  Supplier Communications

D.  Supplier Performance

E.  Supplier Improvement

F.  Supplier  Certification, Partnerships, and Alliances

G.  Supplier Logistics and Material Acceptance
Training and Development 16% A.  Training Plans

B.  Training Needs Analysis

C.  Training  Materials, Development, and Delivery

D.  Training  Effectiveness and Evaluation

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