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Free CRCM Exam Questions - American Bankers Association CRCM Exam

American Bankers Association CRCM Exam

Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager

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During the preparation, you can be confused about American Bankers Association exam question types, exam pattern, and allocated time to attempt questions of the American Bankers Association Compliance and Risk Management certification exam. Study4Exam helps you to remove these doubts with 3 formats of its American Bankers Association CRCM exam preparation. We ensure that you will easily pass the American Bankers Association Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager exam either by using CRCM PDF questions or taking the practice exam is web-based and desktop formats. You can prepare CRCM practice questions in PDF format at any time and from any place with smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Preparation evaluation is very helpful to remove mistakes and successfully prepare for the American Bankers Association Compliance and Risk Management CRCM exam. The American Bankers Association CRCM CRCM practice exam is one of the key steps of your exam preparation plan to identify your preparation mistakes, strengthen weaker areas of the preparation, and get familiar with the actual exam environment. Web-based and desktop American Bankers Association CRCM practice exams are available to help you do self-assessment.

How these Free Questions can help you Prepare for the actual American Bankers Association CRCM Exam?

Understand the Actual CRCM Exam Syllabus, Format, and Question Types

Get official information about the syllabus and format of the exam to set an effective study plan. This information helps you to know what type of questions and topics will appear in the American Bankers Association CRCM exam. Don’t waste your time and concentrate on such learning content which is expected in the actual exam.

Self-Asses your preparation for the actual American Bankers Association Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager Exam

Manage your daily routine to ensure that you have the proper time to study for the American Bankers Association Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager exam every day. Sit in a calm environment and do hard work daily to cover the entire CRCM exam syllabus. It is not possible to study one morning and pass the CRCM exam the next day. If you want to get passing marks on the first attempt, prepare for the American Bankers Association CRCM exam daily.

American Bankers Association CRCM Questions


Martha Whitmire, the BSA Compliance Officer for First National Bank, is responsible for monitoring the bank's daily currency activity and wire transfers, for compliance with information retention and reporting requirements. Ms. Whitmire notices during her review on March 10 that, during the previous two weeks, a transaction occurred on the same account several times during the week. The activity appeared at one branch office as cash deposits in dollar amounts under the reporting thresholds. Ms. Whitmire discusses this activity with the branch manager and determines that this same deposit activity occurred several times during the previous six weeks. She then conducts a more extensive examination of the account's activity for several months and discovers that cash deposits were made at one branch office and purchases of bank cashiers checks were made by withdrawals from the same account at a different branch office. All withdrawals and purchases of cashier's checks were for the identical amount as the cash deposits.Which statement best describes Ms. Whitmire's responsibility?


In April Lillian Redmond, the teller supervisor for First National Bank, discovers five counterfeit $20 bills in several teller drawers. In May and in June she discovers two additional counterfeit $20 bills. She has no knowledge of criminal activity on the part of any of the bank's employees or customers. She does not suspect any particular person in this transaction. Which of the following statements is true?


Mammoth Enterprises is a new customer to the bank. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mammoth Corporation. Which of the following statements, if true, would make Mammoth Enterprises an exempt customer at the bank?


Records that must be retained for deposit accounts include which of the following?


The manager of Main Street branch calls and relates the following information: John Smith purchased a cashier's check for $1,000 cash at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday. At 11:30 a.m. Mr. Smith returned and purchased a cashier's check for $2,500 cash and deposited traveler's checks totaling $9,000 into his checking account. At 4:00 p.m. Mr. Smith returned and deposited $8,000 cash into his checking account. This deposit was after normal banking hours, so it was recorded as of Wednesday's business date. What action should the bank take?

Question: 1 Answer: D
Question: 2 Answer: C
Question: 3 Answer: C
Question: 4 Answer: D
Question: 5 Answer: D

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