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Free DOP-C02 Exam Questions - Amazon DOP-C02 Exam

Amazon DOP-C02 Exam

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional Exam

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Amazon DOP-C02 Questions


A company has deployed an application in a production VPC in a single AWS account. The application is popular and is experiencing heavy usage. The company's security team wants to add additional security, such as AWS WAF, to the application deployment. However, the application's product manager is concerned about cost and does not want to approve the change unless the security team can prove that additional security is necessary.

The security team believes that some of the application's demand might come from users that have IP addresses that are on a deny list. The security team provides the deny list to a DevOps engineer. If any of the IP addresses on the deny list access the application, the security team wants to receive automated notification in near real time so that the security team can document that the application needs additional security. The DevOps engineer creates a VPC flow log for the production VPC.

Which set of additional steps should the DevOps engineer take to meet these requirements MOST cost-effectively?


A development team uses AWS CodeCommit for version control for applications. The development team uses AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild. and AWS CodeDeploy for CI/CD infrastructure. In CodeCommit, the development team recently merged pull requests that did not pass long-running tests in the code base. The development team needed to perform rollbacks to branches in the codebase, resulting in lost time and wasted effort.

A DevOps engineer must automate testing of pull requests in CodeCommit to ensure that reviewers more easily see the results of automated tests as part of the pull request review.

What should the DevOps engineer do to meet this requirement?


A company is performing vulnerability scanning for all Amazon EC2 instances across many accounts. The accounts are in an organization in AWS Organizations. Each account's VPCs are attached to a shared transit gateway. The VPCs send traffic to the internet through a central egress VPC. The company has enabled Amazon Inspector in a delegated administrator account and has enabled scanning for all member accounts.

A DevOps engineer discovers that some EC2 instances are listed in the "not scanning" tab in Amazon Inspector.

Which combination of actions should the DevOps engineer take to resolve this issue? (Choose three.)


A company uses AWS Organizations to manage multiple accounts. Information security policies require that all unencrypted Amazon EBS volumes be marked as non-compliant. A DevOps engineer needs to automatically deploy the solution and ensure that this compliance check is always present.

Which solution will accomplish this?


A rapidly growing company wants to scale for developer demand for AWS development environments. Development environments are created manually in the AWS Management Console. The networking team uses AWS CloudFormation to manage the networking infrastructure, exporting stack output values for the Amazon VPC and all subnets. The development environments have common standards, such as Application Load Balancers, Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling groups, security groups, and Amazon DynamoDB tables.

To keep up with demand, the DevOps engineer wants to automate the creation of development environments. Because the infrastructure required to support the application is expected to grow, there must be a way to easily update the deployed infrastructure. CloudFormation will be used to create a template for the development environments.

Which approach will meet these requirements and quickly provide consistent AWS environments for developers?

Question: 1 Answer: A
Question: 2 Answer: D
Question: 3 Answer: A, B, C
Question: 4 Answer: B
Question: 5 Answer: C

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