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Free DAS-C01 Exam Questions - Amazon DAS-C01 Exam

Amazon DAS-C01 Exam

AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty

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Amazon DAS-C01 Questions


A data engineer is using AWS Glue ETL jobs to process data at frequent intervals The processed data is then copied into Amazon S3 The ETL jobs run every 15 minutes. The AWS Glue Data Catalog partitions need to be updated automatically after the completion of each job

Which solution will meet these requirements MOST cost-effectively?


An ecommerce company ingests a large set of clickstream data in JSON format and stores the data in Amazon S3. Business analysts from multiple product divisions need to use Amazon Athena to analyze the dat

a. The company's analytics team must design a solution to monitor the daily data usage for Athena by each product division. The solution also must produce a warning when a divisions exceeds its quota

Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST operational overhead?


A company is reading data from various customer databases that run on Amazon RDS. The databases contain many inconsistent fields For example, a customer record field that is place_id in one database is location_id in another database. The company wants to link customer records across different databases, even when many customer record fields do not match exactly

Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST operational overhead?


A company using Amazon QuickSight Enterprise edition has thousands of dashboards analyses and datasets. The company struggles to manage and assign permissions for granting users access to various items within QuickSight. The company wants to make it easier to implement sharing and permissions management.

Which solution should the company implement to simplify permissions management?


A company hosts an Apache Flink application on premises. The application processes data from several Apache Kafka clusters. The data originates from a variety of sources, such as web applications mobile apps and operational databases The company has migrated some of these sources to AWS and now wants to migrate the Flink application. The company must ensure that data that resides in databases within the VPC does not traverse the internet The application must be able to process all the data that comes from the company's AWS solution, on-premises resources and the public internet

Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST operational overhead?

Question: 1 Answer: A
Question: 2 Answer: C
Question: 3 Answer: B
Question: 4 Answer: C
Question: 5 Answer: D

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