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Free ANS-C01 Exam Questions - Amazon ANS-C01 Exam

Amazon ANS-C01 Exam

AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

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Amazon ANS-C01 Questions


A company has an AWS Site-to-Site VPN connection between its existing VPC and on-premises network. The default DHCP options set is associated with the VPC. The company has an application that is running on an Amazon Linux 2 Amazon EC2 instance in the VPC. The application must retrieve an Amazon RDS database secret that is stored in AWS Secrets Manager through a private VPC endpoint. An on-premises application provides internal RESTful API service that can be reached by URL (https://api.example.internal). Two on-premises Windows DNS servers provide internal DNS resolution.

The application on the EC2 instance needs to call the internal API service that is deployed in the on-premises environment. When the application on the EC2 instance attempts to call the internal API service by referring to the hostname that is assigned to the service, the call fails. When a network engineer tests the API service call from the same EC2 instance by using the API service's IP address, the call is successful.

What should the network engineer do to resolve this issue and prevent the same problem from affecting other resources in the VPC?


A company has deployed its AWS environment in a single AWS Region. The environment consists of a few hundred application VPCs, a shared services VPC, and a VPN connection to the company's on-premises environment. A network engineer needs to implement a transit gateway with the following requirements:

* Application VPCs must be isolated from each other.

* Bidirectional communication must be allowed between the application VPCs and the on-premises network.

* Bidirectional communication must be allowed between the application VPCs and the shared services VPC.

The network engineer creates the transit gateway with options disabled for default route table association and default route table propagation. The network engineer also creates the VPN attachment for the on-premises network and creates the VPC attachments for the application VPCs and the shared services VPC.

The network engineer must meet all the requirements for the transit gateway by designing a solution that needs the least number of transit gateway route tables.

Which combination of actions should the network engineer perform to accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)


A company has been using an outdated application layer protocol for communication among applications. The company decides not to use this protocol anymore and must migrate all applications to support a new protocol. The old protocol and the new protocol are TCP-based, but the protocols use different port numbers.

After several months of work, the company has migrated dozens of applications that run on Amazon EC2 instances and in containers. The company believes that all the applications have been migrated, but the company wants to verify this belief. A network engineer needs to verify that no application is still using the old protocol.

Which solution will meet these requirements without causing any downtime?


A company has a global network and is using transit gateways to connect AWS Regions together. The company finds that two Amazon EC2 instances in different Regions are unable to communicate with each other. A network engineer needs to troubleshoot this connectivity issue.

What should the network engineer do to meet this requirement?


A company uses a 1 Gbps AWS Direct Connect connection to connect its AWS environment to its on-premises data center. The connection provides employees with access to an application VPC that is hosted on AWS. Many remote employees use a company-provided VPN to connect to the data center. These employees are reporting slowness when they access the application during business hours. On-premises users have started to report similar slowness while they are in the office.

The company plans to build an additional application on AWS. On-site and remote employees will use the additional application. After the deployment of this additional application, the company will need 20% more bandwidth than the company currently uses. With the increased usage, the company wants to add resiliency to the AWS connectivity. A network engineer must review the current implementation and must make improvements within a limited budget.

What should the network engineer do to meet these requirements MOST cost-effectively?

Question: 1 Answer: B
Question: 2 Answer: B, D
Question: 3 Answer: C
Question: 4 Answer: C
Question: 5 Answer: A

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