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Adobe AD0-E716 Exam Topics

Adobe AD0-E716 Exam

Adobe Commerce Developer with Cloud Add-on

Total Questions: 69

What is Included in the Adobe AD0-E716 Exam?

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Adobe AD0-E716 Exam Overview :

Exam Name Adobe Commerce Developer with Cloud Add-on
Exam Code AD0-E716
Actual Exam Duration 138 minutes
Expected no. of Questions in Actual Exam 69
Exam Registration Price $225
Official Information https://express.adobe.com/page/gHMvWEByL74qK/
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Adobe AD0-E716 Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
Section 1: Adobe Commerce Architecture and Customization Techniques 36%
  •     Demonstrate how to effectively use cache in Adobe Commerce
  •     Build, use, and manipulate custom extension attributes
  •     Recommend solutions for how to apply theme custom updates to product/category pages
  •     Correctly apply observers, preferences, and plugins (effects of sort order)
  •     Demonstrate the ability to use the configuration layer in Adobe Commerce
  •     Demonstrate knowledge of how routes work in Adobe Commerce
  •     Demonstrate ability to customize pagebuilder
  •     Determine the effects and constraints of configuring multiple sites on a single instance
  •     Describe the capabilities and constraints of dependency injection
  •     Describe how to add and configure fields in store settings
  •     Explain the use cases for Git patches and the file level modifications in Composer
  •     Create new commands in CLI
  •     Demonstrate how to write an integration test
  •     Identify Adobe Commerce security feature (CSP, escaping, form keys, sanitization, reCAPTCHA, input validation)
  •     Explain how the CRON scheduling system works
  •     Demonstrate the ability to load and manipulate data
  •     Demonstrate the ability to use App emulation
Section 2: Working with Databases and EAV 10%
  •     Manipulate EAV attributes and attribute sets programmatically
  •     Demonstrate the ability to extend the database schema
  •     Demonstrate the ability to import / export data from Adobe Commerce
  •     Describe how to use patches and recurring set ups to modify the database
Section 3: Developing with Admin 6%
  •     Demonstrate the ability to update and create grids and forms
  •     Extend Grid actions
  •     Demonstrate the ability to create modifier classes
  •     Demonstrate the ability to restrict access to ACL
Section 4: Customizing the Catalog 6%
  •     Apply changes to existing product types and create new ones
  •     Modify and extend existing Catalog entities
  •     Demonstrate the ability to manage Indexes and customize price output
  •     Explain how multi-source inventory impacts stock (program level)
Section 5: Customizing Sales Operations 6%
  •     Demonstrate the ability to develop new payment methods or customize existing payment methods
  •     Demonstrate the ability to add and customize shipping methods
  •     Demonstrate the ability to customize sales operations
  •     Explain how to customize totals
Section 6: APIs and Services 4%
  •     Demonstrate the ability to create new APIs or extend existing APIs
  •     Demonstrate the ability to use the queuing system
Section 7: Adobe Commerce Cloud architecture 16%
  •     Demonstrate knowledge of Adobe Commerce architecture/environment workflow
  •     Demonstrate a working knowledge of cloud project files, permission, and structure
  •     Demonstrate the ability to setup multi domain based stores on Adobe Commerce Cloud (multi domain sites mix of dev work and support)
  •     Demonstrate a general knowledge of application services and how to manage them (YAML , PHP, MariaDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, etc)
  •     Identify how to access different types of logs
  •     Demonstrate the ability to deploy a project (Main steps of deployment)
  •     Define features provided by ECE tools
  •     Identify uses for ECE patches (Security breach)
  •     Describe how to Maintain and upgrade ECE tools
  •     Distinguish when to contact support *Yaml files and limitations (DIY vs Support tickets)
  •     Demonstrate basic knowledge of OOTB FASTLY features configuration and installation
Section 8: Setup/Configuring Adobe Commerce Cloud 10%
  •     Describe how to setup/configure Adobe Commerce Cloud
  •     Apply Basic Cloud troubleshooting knowledge (Hierarchy of web UI and variables, configurations precedence)
  •     Demonstrate understanding of cloud user management and onboarding UI
  •     Describe how to update cloud variables using UI
  •     Describe environment Management using UI
  •     Demonstrate understanding of branching using UI
  •     Identify Adobe commerce Cloud Plan capabilities
Section 9: Commerce Cloud CLI tool (Managing part) 6%
  •     Demonstrate understanding of updating cloud variables using CLI
  •     Demonstrate understanding of environment Management using CLI (CLI exclusive features :activate emails, rebase environments, snapshot, db dump, local environment setup)
  •     Demonstrate understanding of branching using CLI
  •     Demonstrate how to troubleshoot to cloud services? (My SQL, Redis, tunnel:info

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