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Free AD0-E709 Exam Questions - Adobe AD0-E709 Exam

Adobe AD0-E709 Exam

Adobe Commerce Developer Expert

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Adobe AD0-E709 Questions


An Adobe Commerce Developer is tasked with creating a custom module which implements a new product type. Upon completion, they find that any quantity information they enter against the product does not get saved, and reverts back to 0.

How would they go about correcting this?


The developer is required to convert a modules database scripts from old install/upgrade setup files to a data patches format and does not want to apply database changes that were already done by install/upgrade scripts.

The current module version is 1.5A

What would be the recommended solution to skip changes that were already applied via old format (install/upgrade scripts)?


An Adobe Commerce developer wants to cover their custom modules with Integration Tests. However, the project they are working on includes a 3rd party module that introduces a new search engine which needs to be used in Integration Tests as well. To do so. catalog/search/engine in the core.config_data table needs to be set to the customSearchEngine on the default scope.

They already created a phpunit.xml file in [m2 base dir/dev/tests/integration by copying unmodified content of phpunit.xml.dist from the same directory and will be using it for their tests.

How do they make sure that this setting is used for all the Integration Tests in their project using best practices?


An Adobe Commerce Developer has created a new custom block extending \Magento\Framework\view\Element\AbstractBlock and has set the cache_lifetime data property for the block so that the output gets cached.

The block is inserted into the sidebar, and displays differing content depending on which currency is being used. The developer finds that the block is displaying the same content for all currencies, depending on which currency is viewed first after the cache has been flushed.

How would the developer resolve this?


An Adobe Commerce Developer is tasked with creating a module which generates a sitemap by cron. While writing the module, they realize they will need to use environment emulation to ensure the data is generated from a frontend perspective. They notice that the Emulation: :startEnvironmentEmulation() method accepts a $force parameter.

Why would this be set to true?

Question: 1 Answer: A
Question: 2 Answer: C
Question: 3 Answer: B
Question: 4 Answer: B
Question: 5 Answer: A

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